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Our mission at Designetics is not just to simplify fluid application processes but to revolutionize them across a spectrum of industries. Understanding that each sector presents its own unique challenges and demands, we offer more than just solutions. We create partnerships to navigate those complexities together.

With our extensive experience working across multiple industries, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the varied and specific requirements each one entails. This knowledge allows us to provide customized, innovative solutions that address the distinct needs of each sector.

Proven Success Across Industries

For decades, Designetics has been a trusted partner to manufacturers in various industries, helping them enhance their processes and boost efficiency. Our specialized fluid application solutions enable businesses to achieve unprecedented precision, reduce operational costs, and dramatically improve product quality.

Here’s a glimpse into how our expertise translates into success across different sectors:

Icon aerospace


We equip aerospace manufacturers with specialized fluid application systems, enhancing the safety and reliability of complex components in aircraft and space vehicles.

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Icon agriculture


Our solutions enhance operator safety and comfort in agricultural machinery, like tractors and harvesters, by facilitating precise glass installation and sealing.

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Icon appliances


We provide custom fluid application solutions to streamline household appliance assembly, enhancing both durability and performance across various products.

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Icon car


In the automotive sector, our specialized application systems drive efficiency and elevate quality, from assembly lines to detailed finishing touches.

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Icon chemical


Our applicators are meticulously designed to handle corrosive and volatile chemicals, ensuring both safety and efficiency in chemical processing and manufacturing.

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Icon construction


We assist construction manufacturers by providing fluid application solutions that aid in bonding, sealing, and adhering components on heavy-duty equipment like haulers and excavators.

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Icon consumer goods

Consumer Goods

We optimize fluid application for consumer goods manufacturers, ensuring high-quality end products, ranging from electronic devices to children’s toys.

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Icon defense


Meeting the stringent standards of the defense industry, our applicators offer unrivaled reliability and precision in complex fluid applications.

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Icon glass


Our specialized applicators provide precise and even fluid application for glass coating and bonding, ensuring quality and durability in the final products.

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icon government contracts

Government Contracts

We deliver tailored fluid application systems that combine innovation, precision and reliability to meet the stringent demands of government projects and contracts.

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Icon industrial automation

Industrial Automation

Our automated fluid dispensers seamlessly integrate into industrial manufacturing lines, boosting efficiency and precision in fluid application processes.

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icon marine


Our rugged applicators are designed to withstand challenging marine environments, delivering anti-corrosive coatings and waterproof sealants effectively.

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Icon medical


For the medical sector, our applicators provide exact fluid application, essential for the production of reliable medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

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Icon rv


Our tailored fluid application systems are perfect for assembling recreational vehicles, focusing on effective sealing and finishing processes.

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Icon building

Structural Glazing

Our applicators offer precise sealant application for structural glazing, contributing to long-lasting building integrity and safety.

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Assisting Industries Since 1987

Since our founding in 1987, we’ve been continually evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of manufacturers. From the outset, our focus has been on innovation, and we’ve successfully adapted our solutions to cater to the requirements of a digital age, ensuring we remain at the forefront of fluid application technology.

Why Partner with Designetics for Your Fluid Dispensing Products

More than 30 years ago, Designetics created an industry dedicated to solving complex fluid application challenges. Since then, we’ve been a leading global provider of manual and automated dispensing equipment and systems for a diverse range of industries.

By tapping into our precise knowledge of fluid movement, our experts have developed, engineered, and built thousands of state-of-the-art applicators. For your complex fluid application requirements, we can design a custom dispensing solution to meet your precise needs.

Interested in finding out how we can assist your industry? Scroll through the sectors we serve above or contact us today to create a custom fluid application system tailored to your needs.