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e3multi Positive Displacement Pump

Step into a world of versatility and precision with the e3multi® Positive Displacement Pump. This innovative pump panel utilizes positive-displacement technology, allowing for the accurate dispensing of a variety of fluids. Equipped with the option to fit either 2 or 3 pumps, the e3multi adapts to your unique needs, ensuring seamless integration with any system through its diverse control options.

e3multi system.
Fluid application system.

Specs & Details

TYPE: Positive Displacement (Peristaltic) Pump

PUMP OPTIONS: 2 or 3 independently controlled pumps

CONTROL OPTIONS: HMI touchscreen, digital input, analog input, Ethernet

MODE: Auto Mode for universal compatibility


SPECIAL FEATURES: No direct contact with fluid, NEMA-rated panel

PRODUCT INSTRUCTION: For manuals and detailed guidance on your specific equipment, please reach out to [email protected] with your model and serial number.

Maximize the potential of your e3multi with our array of system add-ons, meticulously designed to enhance functionality and optimize your fluid dispensing experience.

Allen Bradley Controls

Allen Bradley Controls facilitate seamless integration and reliable performance, ensuring that your pump operates at peak efficiency.

Status Indicator Light

The addition of our Status Indicator Light offers real-time monitoring and instant visual feedback on the operational status of your e3multi pump, fostering increased productivity and minimized downtime.

Corrosion-Resistant Mounting Stand

Protect and prolong the life of your e3multi with our Corrosion-Resistant Mounting Stand. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, this stand shields your pump from corrosive elements, ensuring sustained, reliable performance.

Stackable Pump Heads

Leverage the benefit of Stackable Pump Heads to effortlessly expand your dispensing system. These pump heads provide a straightforward solution to adapting to varying production demands without sacrificing precision.

Multiple Motor Sizes

Customize your e3multi to suit diverse application requirements with the availability of Multiple Motor Sizes. Selecting the appropriate motor size guarantees optimized performance and efficiency for every task.

220V Power

Equip your e3multi with 220V Power, a feature crafted to meet diverse international standards and provide a consistent, reliable power supply, ensuring the pump's uninterrupted operation.