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e3minimax Positive Displacement Pump

Discover the unparalleled precision and adaptability of the e3minimax® Positive Displacement Pump. This unit embodies innovation by utilizing a peristaltic pump controlled exclusively via Ethernet and configured through the Designetics web interface, obviating the need for an HMI. With its versatile design, the e3minimax is a perfect fit for diverse working environments, delivering accurate fluid dispensing across a wide spectrum of fluids.

e3minimax product image.
e3minimax product image

Specs & Details

TYPE: Positive Displacement (Peristaltic) Pump

CONTROL: Exclusive Ethernet Control (Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet/IP)

CONFIGURATION: Designetics Web Interface

OPERATING SPEED: 0-250 RPM Servo Driven Pump


DESIGN: Compact, Lightweight

PRODUCT INSTRUCTION: For manuals and detailed guidance on your specific equipment, please reach out to [email protected] with your model and serial number.

Enhance the performance and functionality of your e3minimax with our curated selection of system add-ons, each designed to meet your varied application needs and maximize operational efficiency.

Designetics Proprietary Program

Empower your e3minimax with the Designetics Proprietary Program. This exclusive software ensures optimal fluid dispensing control, elevating the precision and reliability of the pump in diverse applications.

Ethernet Control

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Ethernet Control, allowing seamless integration and real-time management of the e3minimax pump through either Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet/IP.

Servo Driven Pump

Benefit from the extensive operating speeds of the Servo Driven Pump, ranging from 0 to 250 RPM. This feature enables the e3minimax to meet a wide array of dispensing requirements with unparalleled accuracy.

Compact, Lightweight Design

The e3minimax’s design ensures it is a versatile addition to any workspace. Its compactness allows for easy installation and adaptability, making it ideal for various working environments.

Rated Up to 220V

The e3minimax pump is versatile and internationally compatible, with a power rating of up to 220V. This feature guarantees a reliable power supply and uninterrupted operation.