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Effortlessly Monitor Material Levels with the 10601 Series Bottle Holder

Fluid Dispenser Bottle Holder

Elevate your fluid dispensing workflow with our fluid dispenser Bottle Holder™. Part of the 10601 Series, this innovative holder securely retains fluid containers, ensuring an airtight seal and meticulously monitoring the material level.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with Designetics e3mini or e3multi systems, the holder accommodates up to 6 tubing lines for versatile fluid dispensing and features an air-drying desiccant to keep your fluids contaminant-free.

Bottle holder accessory.
Bottle holder accessory.

Specs & Details

SERIES: 10601

COMPATIBILITY: e3mini or e3multi Precision Pump Panels

CAPACITY: Holds up to 6 tubing lines for fluid dispensing

MONITORING: Uses a low level or weight (load cell) sensor for material monitoring.

ALERT SYSTEM: Low material level alert displayed on the HMI screen

EXTRAS: Equipped with air-drying desiccant

STAND: Corrosion-resistant

Experience enhanced workflow and material integrity with fluid dispensing accessory’s unique features, designed to cater to your fluid application system’s specific needs and maintain seamless operations.

Low Level Sensors

Equipped with either low level or load cell level sensors, the fluid dispenser Bottle Holder accurately monitors the amount of material in the bottle. These sensors trigger an alert on the HMI screen when the material level is low or the weight of the bottle decreases, ensuring timely refilling and continuous operations.

Stir Plate

Our fluid dispenser Bottle Holder offers an optional stir plate add-on, ensuring that solids and solvents within the fluid remain well-mixed. This feature is essential for maintaining fluid consistency and quality, particularly when dealing with mixtures that tend to separate over time.