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A Non-Rotating Fluid Dispensing Accessory for Applicators

Spring Compliance

The Designetics Spring Compliance is a cutting-edge solution tailored for non-rotating applications that require the utmost accuracy. This innovative accessory is designed to work in perfect harmony with all Designetics applicators, providing an adjustable height feature to cater to a wide array of extrusion application needs.

Specifically crafted for scenarios where rotation is not an option, the Spring Compliance ensures that your application process is precise and streamlined for efficiency.

spring compliance accessory.
spring compliance accessory.

Specs & Details

UNIVERSAL APPLICATOR COMPATIBILITY: Accepts all Designetics applicators, offering unmatched flexibility for your application needs.

OPTIMIZED FOR NON-ROTATING APPLICATIONS: Tailored for extrusion processes that do not require rotation, delivering an exact match for specific operational requirements.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Provides the ability to effortlessly adjust to the necessary application height, ensuring optimal precision for each task.

MAINTENANCE-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Built with ease of maintenance in mind, promoting long-term durability and consistent performance.

Discover how the Spring Compliance transforms your fluid application processes, delivering precision and adaptability tailored to non-rotating tasks.

Versatile Application

With universal compatibility with Designetics applicators, the Spring Compliance brings unparalleled adaptability to your extrusion processes, accommodating a broad spectrum of application needs without the need for rotation.

Tailored Precision

Designed to meet the exacting demands of your specific application requirements, its adjustable height feature ensures precise control over your extrusion processes, enhancing overall operational accuracy.

Simple Maintenance

Engineered for ease of maintenance, the Spring Compliance guarantees reliability and performance continuity. Its user-friendly design ensures your operations remain uninterrupted by maintenance needs, securing a lasting investment in precision and efficiency.