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Create a Smooth and Efficient Process with the Applicator Track™

Fluid Application Part Staging Device

Step into a world where precision and efficiency coexist, with Designetics’ fluid application part staging device, the Applicator Track™ 10500 Series. Engineered to deliver applicators to an exact and repeatable location, this device is tailored for seamless integration with Designetics dispensers, ensuring a smooth and efficient fluid application process.

Experience innovation and reliability designed to meet the specific demands of diverse parts and elevate your manufacturing process today. Optimize your fluid application process with the Applicator Track, designed to offer precision, efficiency and reliability—ensuring that each application meets the highest standards of quality.

Applicator track accessory.
Applicator track accessory.

Specs & Details

SERIES: 10500

DESIGN: Poka-Yoke for error prevention

MATERIAL: Non-corrosive for extended durability

FEATURES: Easy loading, Docking station, Tamping station, and sensors indicating “Low” and “In Position”

COMPATIBILITY: Exclusively designed for Designetics applicators and dispensers

Enhance the capabilities of your Applicator Track™ with our range of system add-ons. Tailored to augment functionality and improve the fluid application process, these additions are integral to maximizing the performance of your part staging device.

Auxiliary Mounted Docking & Tamping Stations

Optimize your workflow with Auxiliary Mounted Docking & Tamping Stations, designed to facilitate easy applicator positioning and excess material removal. These stations are essential for maintaining application precision and preventing fluid waste.

Part Pickup Sensor

Incorporate the Part Pickup Sensor to elevate accuracy and efficiency. This advanced sensor ensures proper applicator positioning and alerts the part staging device when the track is low, guaranteeing a seamless and uninterrupted fluid application process.

Unleash Precision with Designetics’ Applicator Track™

Discover the harmony of accuracy and efficiency with the Applicator Track™ 10500 Series. This part staging device, meticulously crafted, brings forth a realm of possibilities in fluid application, providing a fixed number of applicators to an exact, repeatable location, aligned with the specific dimensions of the part.

It’s not just a fluid applicator device; it’s a testament to Designetics’ commitment to innovation and excellence in fluid application solutions. Are you ready to elevate your fluid application system with the AApplicator Track™? Dive into the world of precision and efficiency that Designetics promises and make the move towards unparalleled quality and reliability.

Technicians using a fluid application system.