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Horizontal dp3

Introducing the Horizontal dp3®, embodying compact design, ergonomic efficiency, and excellence in fluid application. This innovative system merges the advanced technology of our 5000 Automatic Flow Dispenser with a user-friendly fixture. Its pneumatic operation eliminates any flash source, ensuring safety with flammable fluids. Versatile enough to be incorporated into your production line or affixed to any work surface, the Horizontal dp3 is environmentally considerate, assuring precise applications and minimized chemical exposure.

Horiztonal dp3 accessory.
Horizontal dp3 accessory.

Specs & Details

DIMENSIONS: Compact and ergonomic design for versatile mounting.

TECHNICAL SPECS: Pneumatic functioning, compatible with all Designetics applicators.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: Single or double applications.

The Horizontal dp3 is packed with features aimed at ensuring precision, ease of use, and safety in fluid application.

Compatible with Designetics Applicators

Designed for versatility, the Horizontal dp3 seamlessly accepts any Designetics applicator, allowing for a wide range of application possibilities.

Adjustable Positions

With adjustable positions, the system offers flexibility and adaptability, ensuring optimal alignment and application on varied surfaces.

Accurate Flow Adjustment

The Horizontal dp3 ensures precision with accurate flow adjustment features, guaranteeing the right amount of fluid is applied every time.

Drip Tray for Waste Return

Equipped with a drip tray for waste return, the system minimizes waste, promoting environmental friendliness and cost efficiency.

Positive Pneumatic On and Off

The positive pneumatic on and off feature ensures safe and reliable operation, particularly when dealing with flammable fluids.

Designed for Varying Viscosities

Capable of handling a wide range of viscosities, the Horizontal dp3 is versatile and adaptable to different fluid application needs.