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Autoprime CE Positive Displacement Pump

Discover the cutting-edge AUTOPRIME CE, a robust and efficient positive displacement pump designed to revolutionize your fluid application process. With its advanced servo motor and peristaltic pump technology, the AUTOPRIME CE delivers a range of 0-250 RPM, providing unparalleled control and precision in fluid dispensing.

Engineered for ease of integration into your existing systems, the AUTOPRIME CE offers diverse control options—including an optional HMI for enhanced usability. Its compact design ensures it fits effortlessly into your workspace while delivering high performance.

Front view of the Autoprime CE system

Specs & Details

TYPE: Positive Displacement (Peristaltic) Pump

CONTROL OPTIONS: Ethernet/IP or Modbus Communications, Optional HMI,
Optional Profinet Add-On


POWER: 220V Only


SPECIAL FEATURES: Manual Forward Switch, Direct Plug-in for Designetics Accessories

PRODUCT INSTRUCTION: For manuals and detailed guidance on your specific equipment, please reach out to [email protected] with your model and serial number.

System Features

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Maximize your AUTOPRIME CE experience with our range of system features, meticulously designed to enhance functionality and optimize your fluid application process

Intuitive Controls

Experience the ease of controlling your AUTOPRIME CE pump remotely, eliminating the need for an HMI and offering enhanced operational convenience.

Robust Network Integration

Seamlessly connect with ETHERNET/IP or MODBUS communications and boost your system’s capabilities with the optional PROFINET add-on for comprehensive network compatibility.

Manual Forward Switch

For hands-on control, the front panel is equipped with a manual forward switch, simplifying setup and system adjustments.

Accessories Compatibility

Direct plug-in for a wide range of Designetics accessories, enhancing the versatility and capability of your AUTOPRIME CE pump.