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Control Fluid Dispensing with the 6000 Series Handheld Remote™

Fluid Dispensing Controller

Introducing the 6000 Series Handheld Remote™, your go-to solution for achieving consistent and controlled fluid application. Designed for use with the Designetics e3mini, e3minimax or e3multi, this fluid dispensing controller transforms manual bottle processes into semi-automated operations, putting precise fluid control in the palm of your hand. Ideal for various applications, it seamlessly combines functionality and convenience, ensuring effortless operation.

Handheld remote accessory.
Handheld remote accessory.

Specs & Details

TECHNICAL SPECS: Pneumatic-activated switch, compatible with e3mini, e3minimax or e3multi Precision Pump Panel.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: 45-degree angle applicator adaptor.

Enhance your fluid application process with this fluid dispensing accessory’s array of distinctive features, designed for accuracy, ease, and efficiency.

Ergonomic Design

Engineered for comfort, the ergonomic design of this fluid dispensing controller ensures effortless handling and operation, reducing user fatigue during prolonged use.

Pneumatic-Activated Switch

The device features a pneumatic-activated switch, facilitating smooth and responsive operation, allowing for instant activation and control of fluid flow.

Consistent Fluid Flow

Achieve uniform and consistent fluid application every time, thanks to the Handheld Remote’s advanced technology and seamless integration with Designetics applicators.

No Direct Contact with Fluid

Designed for cleanliness and safety, the device eliminates any direct contact with fluid, ensuring a mess-free operation and protecting both the user and the equipment.

Anti-Rotate, Nonslip Applicator Adapter

Featuring an anti-rotate, nonslip applicator adapter, the Handheld Remote guarantees secure attachment and stability, preventing any unwanted movement during application.

Magnetic Docking Station

The inclusion of a magnetic docking station allows for convenient storage and accessibility, ensuring that the fluid dispensing controller is always within reach and ready for use.

Maintenance Friendly Design

With its user-friendly and maintenance-friendly design, this fluid dispensing ensures minimal downtime, facilitating easy servicing and upkeep.

Instant Response Trigger

Experience immediate responsiveness with the instant response trigger, allowing for quick and efficient fluid application, enhancing overall operational productivity.