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Plastic Bottles, Caps & Dispensers

Elevate your fluid management experience with Designetics’ range of premium plastic caps, bottles, and pump dispensers.

Designed for accuracy and durability, these products seamlessly integrate into your processes, promising reliability and efficiency.

Plastic bottle accessories.
Various plastic accessories for fluid application.

Our Plastic Products

Discover an exceptional range of plastic products, meticulously crafted to meet diverse needs.

Various plastic bottles used for fluid application.


  • 2 oz Bottle: A compact, durable solution perfect for on-the-go needs or for storing smaller quantities of fluid.
  • 4 oz Bottle: A versatile choice that combines sleek design with the ability to monitor fluid levels, suitable for diverse settings.
  • 8 oz Bottle: A popular choice for users requiring a medium volume, it's ergonomic and ensures ease of pouring and handling.
  • 16 oz Bottle: A spacious container designed for those with extensive storage requirements, offering both capacity and user-friendliness.
Various fluid applicator tips.


  • Screw Cap: Crafted with precision, our Screw Caps ensure that fluid remains uncontaminated and fresh. The textured design ensures easy grip, making fluid management straightforward and efficient.
  • Disc Top Cap: Tailored for those who value swift access, the Disc Top Cap allows for smooth dispensing while championing hygiene, guaranteeing a no-spill experience.
  • Funnel Cap: The Funnel Cap offers precision with every pour. Its uniquely designed spout controls fluid flow, ensuring minimal spillage or waste, ideal for precise pouring needs.
Fluid dispensing pump accessory.


  • 8 oz Liquid Dispenser Bottle: This bottle integrates a pump system that ensures precision with each press. Designed to reduce waste, it promises a mess-free experience with every use.
  • 16 oz Liquid Dispenser Bottle: Crafted for high-volume scenarios, this dispenser guarantees consistent performance even with frequent use, suitable for a variety of applications.

How Fluid Dispensing Accessories Enhance Your Process

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Elevate your fluid management with our accessories, blending functionality with sophistication.

Cost-Effective Storage

Choosing our plastic products means investing in top-notch, affordable storage solutions. Designed with durability in mind, each item promises to keep your fluids safe, extending their lifespan and maintaining quality. By selecting our products, you’re not only ensuring protection but also achieving cost savings, making it a smart choice for both small-scale and large-scale storage needs.

Versatility & Customization

Our expansive product range boasts versatility, catering to a myriad of requirements. Whether you need varied sizes, specific cap designs, or other unique features, we have something tailored just for you. With our products, you’re guaranteed to find a solution that seamlessly integrates into your processes, emphasizing adaptability and customization.

Fluid Protection

Prioritizing the safety of your fluids is our primary concern. Every container and cap we design undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it provides a fortress against external contaminants and unpredictable environmental factors. With our products, you can rest assured that the integrity and purity of your fluids are consistently maintained.

User-Friendly Dispensing

Fluid dispensing has never been more straightforward, thanks to our user-centric designs. Especially prominent in our dispenser bottles, our innovations aim to deliver a hassle-free, smooth, and consistent experience every time. By choosing our products, you’re not only enhancing your workflow but also ensuring precision and efficiency every time.

Application Examples

Icon car

Precisely apply adhesion to an automotive panel with zero fluid waste.

Icon skincare

Efficiently manage skincare products, ensuring clean and consistent applications.

Icon chemical

Dispense accurate quantities of cleaning solutions, optimizing product use.

Why Choose Designetics for Your Plastic Products

Designetics, a leader in fluid management, is synonymous with exceptional plastic products. Our legacy is built on innovative solutions that elevate your operations. Merging precision engineering with user-centric designs, our products guarantee durability and unparalleled performance.

Every item in our range embodies our commitment to excellence. By choosing Designetics, you’re investing in unmatched quality.

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