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Ce360 Quality Inspection Path Scanner

The Ce360™ Quality Inspection Path Scanner is a cutting-edge solution for real-time advanced visualization. This innovative scanner is pivotal for preventing scrap, increasing yields, and optimizing the primer dispensing process. Designed with precision, it integrates four high-speed laser sensors to deliver unparalleled inspection accuracy, making applications repeatable, effective, and industry compliant.

Technician using the ce360 accessory.
ce360 accessory.

Quality Inspection Path Scanner Specs & Details

TECHNICAL SPECS: Four high-speed laser sensors, processes 1,600 samples per second with precision measurements down to 0.35mm

COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10 or Ethernet Compatible Device

SPEED: Can detect imperfections up to 600mm/sec

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: 1TB SSD expansion, high-speed software upgrade

System Features

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Our Ce360 Quality Inspection Path Scanner is equipped with a suite of advanced features designed to enhance the fluid application process and boost productivity.

Integrates with Precision Air Compliance

This scanner seamlessly integrates with our 10023 Series Precision Air Compliance, ensuring that fluid application is both accurate and repeatable. Utilizing advanced technology, it stands as a testament to industry-leading quality inspection.

Configurable Data Management

With configurable data management, the Ce360 scanner provides tailored solutions for data handling, enabling customers to have greater control and optimize their primer dispensing processes according to specific needs.

Visual Path Display

The Ce360 features a visual path display that offers real-time information on fluid path width, location, and potential discrepancies, succeeding where traditional 2D camera techniques might fail due to ambient lighting changes.

Windows 10 or Ethernet Compatible

Enhanced compatibility ensures that the Ce360 scanner can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, whether you’re using a Windows 10 platform or any Ethernet compatible device, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit.