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Fluid Applicators

In an ever-evolving world where precision is paramount, fluid applicators have become indispensable tools in numerous industries. From aerospace to healthcare, the meticulous application of liquids is crucial for quality and efficiency. At Designetics, we recognize this need and have pioneered a suite of applicators designed with utmost precision and adaptability in mind.

Our array of applicators, from brush tips to wraparound variants, are not just products but solutions — tailor-made to ensure every drop counts and every application is flawless. Dive in to explore how our offerings can revolutionize your fluid application processes.

Various fluid applicator tips.
Various fluid applicator tips.

Our Fluid Applicators

Discover our diverse range of fluid applicators, each engineered for precision across various fluid viscosities and industry-specific requirements. Whether you need fine control for low-viscosity fluids in delicate environments or robust solutions for more demanding applications, our products are designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy. Explore our specialized applicators and find the perfect match for your unique fluid application needs.

Applicator brush tip.


Our brush tip applicators are adept at tackling irregular or challenging surfaces. Whether metal, plastic, or wood, their diverse brush materials are tailor-made to ensure effortless application. Customizable to your unique specifications, our brush tips are a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Perfect for custom applications in automotive detailing. Need a custom solution? Request a prototype tailored to your specifications!

Channel applicator tip.


Specifically designed for the even coating of interior surfaces, the channel applicator shines in its utility for metal, plastic, and rubber channels. Beyond our extensive range, we offer the promise of custom creations to align with your exact requirements.

Ideal for applying sealants in automotive or construction projects. Explore custom options today!

Applicator flat tip.


Optimized for single-surface applications, the flat applicator promises precision and distinction in fluid application. Whether you require it with an edge guide or custom specifications for priming, we’ve got your needs covered.

Especially effective for large surface coating in manufacturing. Ask us about customization options!

Round applicator tip.


Perfectly suited for non-oriented, single-surface applications, our round applicator exemplifies sharp accuracy across a variety of fluid viscosities. It’s another masterpiece from our lineup, designed for impeccable results.

Great for circular or non-linear applications in specialty or industrial settings. Request a custom design now!

Applicator wraparound tip.


Crafted for multi-faceted applications, the wraparound applicator excels in its role. From coating dual surfaces to precise edging, it caters to a vast spectrum of fluid viscosities. For those with specific needs, we also offer specialized wraparound applicators.

Optimal for complex geometries in aerospace or consumer goods. Contact us for a specialized solution!

Enhancing Processes With Fluid Applicators

Request A Prototype

Harness the true potential of fluid applicators and witness a transformative improvement in your processes.

Precision & Consistency

Designetics’ applicators deliver unparalleled precision, ensuring consistent outcomes. Our tools are designed to minimize errors, providing a dependable solution for every fluid application challenge.

Increased Efficiency

Revitalize your processes. Our applicators, meticulously designed for productivity, guarantee swift, precise fluid applications, enhancing the pace and quality of your workflow.

Cost Savings

Our applicators prioritize optimal resource utilization, reducing fluid waste. They’re not mere tools but valuable investments, promising significant cost benefits.

Improved Product Quality

Raise your product standards. Using our applicators, achieve impeccable, craftsman-like results, enriching the overall quality and appeal of your final product.


Designetics’ applicators seamlessly cater to diverse surfaces and fluid viscosities. Their adaptability makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, providing a flexible solution for varied needs.

Worker Safety

Safety is at the core of our design philosophy. Our applicators are crafted to mitigate risks, ensuring a safer workspace while maintaining optimal performance.

Application Examples

Icon building

Dispense precise amounts of adhesive for attaching interior and exterior trims for a secure fit and polished appearance.

Icon aerospace

Apply sealants to aircraft joints with absolute precision, ensuring airworthiness and extended service life.

Icon medical

Dispense adhesive for medical equipment manufacturing, allowing for secure and sterile equipment assembly.

Why Choose Designetics for Your Fluid Applicators

At Designetics, our legacy isn’t just built upon the multitude of applicators we’ve crafted but also on the tailor-made solutions we’ve provided. Our passion is deeply rooted in ensuring success for our partners. We’re not just about selling an applicator; we’re about creating the perfect one for you. If you dream of an applicator that doesn’t yet exist, we’re here to bring that vision to life. The testament to our prowess?

Thousands of custom applicators designed for unique challenges. Dive into our diverse range, from brush tips to wraparound applicators, and experience the Designetics difference firsthand. Ready to elevate your application processes with unparalleled precision and efficiency? Let's innovate together! Contact us today for a consultation and discover how our custom solutions can meet your unique needs.

Various fluid applicator tips.