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April 21, 2022

How We’re Insulating Customers from the Supply Chain Crisis

Technician working in a factory.

Designetics is recognized as the leader in fluid applicators and applicator systems – a reputation earned through our focus on solving customers’ problems and our ability to meet delivery requirements. In fact, even when faced with the supply chain crisis that manufacturers (and consumers) have dealt with over the past several years, Designetics has been able to consistently meet our customers’ lead-time expectations – whether for quick-turnaround prototypes or for high-volume production orders.

Don’t get us wrong, we didn’t escape the effects of the supply chain crisis – but we have put measures in place to manage it and avoid passing headaches along to our customers. How?

All Designetics applicators are made in-house at our Holland, OH facility, so we can ensure you get an applicator that meets or exceeds your expectations for performance and lead time.

Vertically-Integrated, American-Made Fluid Applicators

First, all our applicators are American-made at our facility in Ohio, where our manufacturing operation is vertically-integrated, so we control everything from designing and making the plastic molds, to the choice of applicator material. And we keep a wide range of raw materials in stock, which gives us the ability to design the best applicator for your fluid, substrate, and geometry. But it also gives us the flexibility to pivot our designs without being limited by material shortages – ensuring you get an applicator that not only meets or exceeds your performance expectations, but one that you can get when you need it, without waiting for long-lead time materials.

With our rapid prototyping program, you don’t have to wait weeks or months for prototypes and testing.

Prototyping Fluid Applicators for Your Applications

For prototype designs, we’ve implemented a rapid prototyping program, which includes in-house capabilities for manufacturing custom applicator bases when necessary. And we keep virtually every applicator material that we offer in stock. This allows us to deliver prototypes within a matter of days and pivot the design quickly if changes are needed. This means you can perform real-world testing, refine, and improve your applicator designs, and move into full production in a matter of weeks rather than months.

We understand that serving our customers means providing a solution that meets or exceeds their expectations and that they can reliably, consistently get when they need it – even when there’s a supply chain crisis.

To learn more about our process and how we’re ensuring you can get the applicator or system that you need, when you need it, give us a call. We’d love to help solve your fluid application challenges.