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Fluid Dispensing Accessories

Fluid dispensing is an intricate art, and to master it, every component matters. Our suite of fluid dispensing accessories stands testament to our commitment to perfection.

These are not just auxiliary tools, but vital enhancements that streamline, optimize, and elevate your fluid dispensing process. Discover how each accessory can revolutionize your workflow.

Technician using a fluid applicator.
Technician using a fluid applicator.

Explore Our Fluid Dispensing Accessories

Enhance your fluid application process with our versatile selection of accessories for fluid dispensing, designed to further optimize precision and ease of use.

Air compliance accessory product image

Precision Air Compliance

The Precision Air Compliance® stands as a beacon of consistency in fluid application. Harnessing a double-acting, non-rotating cylinder with an air bearing and a 3/4” stroke, it promises uniformity in every application. The system’s dual regulators let operators set both upward and downward pressures, ensuring exact and repeatable pressure from applicators to substrates. Coupled with an Applicator Strip function for full automation through robotics or PLC, it ensures impeccable results each time. Note: Exclusively compatible with Designetics applicators.

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ce360 accessory.


The Ce360™ laser scanner revolutionizes visualization, offering real-time advanced insights to amplify yields, curtail scrap, and sidestep false rejects, optimizing your primer dispensing process. With four rapid laser sensors encircling its dispensing nozzle, the Ce360 meticulously tracks and examines the applied primer from all angles, ensuring no blind spots. Boasting an industry-leading acquisition speed of 1,600 samples per second, it ensures production remains brisk, effectively enhancing your operational productivity.

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Handheld remote accessory.

Handheld Remote

The 6000 Handheld Remote™ revolutionizes fluid control, delivering consistent dispensing directly to your hands. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Designetics e3mini or e3multi, it sends signals to trigger the pump, dispensing fluid via disposable tubing connected to the pump head. Perfect for semi-automated processes, this device transforms manual bottle operations into streamlined semi-automated systems, guaranteeing uniform fluid application every time. Note: Designed exclusively for Designetics applicators.

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Bottle holder accessory.

Bottle Holder

The Bottle Holder™, meticulously crafted to work alongside Designetics e3mini or e3multi, guarantees a steadfast hold of fluid containers, complete with an airtight seal. Capable of accommodating up to 6 tubing lines for fluid dispensing, this device is further equipped with an air-drying desiccant. Its innovative weight sensor (load cell) diligently oversees the bottle’s content weight. Should material levels drop below the Low Level Set Point defined on the e3mini or e3multi, an alert promptly surfaces on the HMI screen.

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Applicator track accessory.

Applicator Track

The Applicator Track™ offers precision in supplying a consistent number of applicators to an exact, repeatable spot, tailored to part dimensions. Exclusively designed for Designetics applicators, this gravity-fed unit ensures correct positioning and uses sensors to monitor track levels and applicator placement. Complete with a docking station for inter-application rests and a tamping station to eliminate excess material after initial applicator wet out, it’s an essential tool when used with a Designetics dispenser.

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Horizontal dp3 accessory.

Horizontal dp3

The Horizontal dp3® is a masterclass in precision, compactness, and ergonomic design. Merging the cutting-edge technology of our 5000 Automatic Flow Dispenser with a user-friendly fixture, its pneumatic function eradicates flash sources, offering a safer solution for flammable fluids. Installable on any production line, offline, or nearly any work surface, the Horizontal dp3 promotes both environmental responsibility and efficiency, minimizing safety concerns and reducing chemical expenditure on substrates.

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Various plastic accessories.

Plastic Products

Explore our innovative range of plastic products, expertly crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. From custom-designed components to standard industrial solutions, our plastic products are engineered to enhance efficiency and performance in various applications.

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Fluid Dispensing Accessories for Process Enhancement

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Accessories play a pivotal role in fine-tuning the fluid dispensing process. They not only optimize but also redefine the efficiency and quality of output.

Increased Precision & Control

With the right accessories, take command of every droplet. Experience unparalleled control, ensuring each application is exact, reducing errors and ensuring consistent quality.

Increased Productivity

By streamlining processes and reducing manual interventions, our fluid dispensing accessories significantly boost productivity, allowing operations to run smoother and faster.

Reduced Waste

Our fluid dispensing accessories are engineered to minimize waste, ensuring that every ounce of fluid is utilized optimally, translating to cost savings and environmentally conscious operations.


In the dynamic world of fluid dispensing, our accessories provide the flexibility to adapt to varied requirements, ensuring that your process is always ahead of the curve.

Application Examples

Icon aerospace

Dispense high-strength adhesives for aircraft component bonding, guaranteeing durable joints capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

Icon medical

Dispense adhesives for assembling medical equipment, ensuring sturdy constructions that can withstand sterilization processes.

icon marine

Dispense marine-grade sealants on ship hulls or components, guaranteeing water-tightness and resistance to saltwater corrosion.

Why Choose Designetics for Your Fluid Dispensing Accessories

At Designetics, we don’t just provide accessories; we offer solutions. Our deep-rooted chemical expertise sets us apart. Whether you’re looking at a manual operation or a fully-automated one, we tailor solutions for your specific needs.

Our collaborations with leading chemical suppliers allow us to grasp the intricacies of the chemicals you use, ensuring unparalleled compatibility. Dive into our accessory offerings to find the perfect fit for your operations. For any queries or custom requirements, reach out to a Designetics representative. Let us be the difference in your fluid dispensing journey.

Technician using a fluid applicator system.