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Fluid Dispensing for the

Structural Glazing Industry

In the world of modern architecture, the allure of transparency and seamless integration is hard to ignore. Structural glazing stands as a testament to this architectural triumph, offering buildings an infusion of natural light and a profound connection to the surroundings. Achieving this aesthetic grandeur, however, requires precision and consistency in adhesive application. Designetics®, with its unparalleled expertise, offers fluid dispensing solutions that help architects and builders craft these structural marvels with unmatched accuracy.

Commercial building with glass windows.
Dramatic view of commercial building with glass windows.

Structural Glazing Products

Structural glazing embodies architectural ambition. It's a challenge to achieve that pristine, uninterrupted facade. But with Designetics' specialized equipment, the task becomes remarkably manageable. Our products ensure flawless application on glass substrates and plastic components, reducing imperfections and maximizing the aesthetic and structural potential of each project.

Technician using a fluid applicator.

Custom Fluid Applicators

Every structural glazing project comes with its unique set of challenges and requirements. Recognizing this, Designetics offers one-of-a-kind fluid applicator solutions tailored for individual project demands. Our approach involves a comprehensive understanding of your needs, which helps us engineer solutions that align with both manual and automated systems, ensuring a blend of flexibility and optimal performance.

Structural Glazing Fluid Dispensing Applications

From the expansive facades of skyscrapers to the intricate detailing of modern homes, here’s how our products rise to the occasion:
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Glass Substrates

The soul of structural glazing lies in pristine glass surfaces. Our fluid dispensing solutions ensure even adhesive application on glass, ensuring durability while retaining the clarity and charm of the facade.

Plastic Components

Incorporating plastics into structural glazing projects requires finesse. Our equipment guarantees precision in adhesive application, preserving the component's integrity and appearance.

Eliminates Buzzing, Squeaking & Rattling

A quiet environment is essential for any building. Our solutions mitigate these common disruptions, ensuring a serene ambience inside, irrespective of exterior conditions.

Experience the Designetics difference

In an industry where every millimeter matters, a partner's expertise can be the difference between a masterpiece and a misstep. Designetics, with its rich legacy, brings to the table a profound understanding of the nuances of structural glazing. Our exploratory processes delve deep into your project's demands, ensuring the solutions we offer are not just effective but transformative. We don't just provide tools; we craft experiences, ensuring each structural glazing project resonates with architectural brilliance.