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Fluid Dispensing for the

Industrial Automation Industry

In the rapidly evolving world of industrial manufacturing, precision, speed, and reliability are the bedrock of success. Industrial automation offers unprecedented efficiency and ensuring its effectiveness hinges on the quality and reliability of the equipment and tools employed. Designetics stands at the forefront of fluid application solutions, tailor-made for the demanding realm of industrial automation.

Industrial automation factory with robotic machines.
Dramatic view of robotic arm in stowed position.

Industrial Automation Products

Industrial automation signifies a paradigm shift in manufacturing. It demands impeccable accuracy and speed. With Designetics’ suite of fluid dispensing solutions, we empower your automated processes with tools that epitomize precision and reliability. Our fluid applicators, both manual and robotic, are specifically crafted to meet the exacting standards of modern industrial automation.

Technician using a fluid applicator.

Customized Fluid Applicators for Industrial Automation

The uniqueness of every automation process requires tools tailored to its specific needs. Designetics rises to this challenge by offering customized fluid applicators, sculpted through rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Whether it's a nuanced requirement or an off-the-shelf solution from our extensive product range, we ensure that our tools seamlessly augment your automation process.

Industrial Automation Fluid Dispensing Product Applications

Our fluid dispensing solutions cater to a diverse range of applications integral to the industrial automation domain:
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Glass Substrates

Achieve flawless bonding and coating on glass substrates, pivotal for many industrial products.

Plastic Components

Ensure impeccable adhesive application for plastic components, promoting durability and structural cohesion.

Extrusion Processes

Our fluid application tools streamline extrusion processes, enhancing product uniformity and quality.

Eliminates Buzzing, Squeaking & Rattling

Redefining precision, our solutions proficiently counteract common industrial nuisances, ensuring an impeccable end product.


Protect your products from environmental factors. Our fluid dispensing solutions bolster anti-corrosion properties, extending the product’s lifespan.


Maintain the smooth functioning of automated machinery through precise and consistent lubrication application.

Sub-Assembly Processes

Enhance the efficiency of sub-assembly processes with our meticulously designed fluid applicators, ensuring every component fits perfectly.

Experience the Designetics difference

At Designetics, our relationship with you transcends mere transactional interactions. We deeply engage with your operations, understanding your unique challenges and crafting solutions to overcome them. Through consultation, design, and rigorous testing, we ensure that the solutions we provide meld perfectly with your industrial automation processes. Let’s journey towards unparalleled manufacturing excellence, together.