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Fluid Dispensing for the

RV Manufacturing Industry

As the demand for recreational vehicles (RVs) surges, manufacturers are increasingly seeking smarter, faster, and more reliable assembly methods. Leveraging advanced adhesives and sealants over traditional methods like fasteners or rivets has revolutionized the RV manufacturing process. Designetics understands the unique challenges of this industry and offers fluid dispensing solutions that align with its exacting demands, boosting productivity, enhancing quality, and ensuring cost efficiency.

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RV Manufacturing Products

RV manufacturing has always been a blend of aesthetics and durability. Our fluid dispensing products are not just about streamlining assembly; they're about enhancing the entire RV experience. Whether it's ensuring the clear view through glass substrates, upholding the integrity of plastic components, or maintaining the vehicle's beauty and resilience through anti-corrosion treatments, Designetics' dispensing equipment is an industry game-changer.

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Custom Fluid Applicators

In an industry as diverse and dynamic as RV manufacturing, one size rarely fits all. That's why Designetics offers customized fluid applicators designed to cater specifically to the unique demands of RV assembly. By understanding your manufacturing goals, we can craft solutions that offer precision, speed, and reliability—vital components in the race to market leadership.

RV Fluid Dispensing Product Applications

A robust RV isn't just the result of quality materials, but also of precision in their application. Here’s how our products meet each application need in the RV industry:
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Glass Substrates

Ensure clarity and strength with our fluid dispensing solutions, meticulously designed to optimize the adherence of glass components, resulting in clear, durable windows and panels.

Plastic Components

Stability and aesthetics are pivotal. Our fluid applicators ensure an even and robust application on plastic components, preserving their integrity and appearance.

Eliminates Buzzing, Squeaking & Rattling

No one enjoys a noisy ride. Our solutions target and eliminate common nuisances in RVs, ensuring a smoother, quieter journey.


Protect the longevity of your RVs. Our fluid dispensing products for anti-corrosion applications ensure RVs remain resilient against environmental wear, adding years to their lifespan.

Exterior and Interior Molding

Beauty meets durability. Designetics' fluid applicators ensure a flawless application for moldings, elevating aesthetics while ensuring they withstand the test of time.

Experience the Designetics difference

Navigating the intricacies of RV manufacturing requires more than just tools—it demands expertise. With decades of experience, Designetics approaches each challenge with a blend of innovation and understanding. Our commitment goes beyond providing equipment; it's about crafting the perfect solution. By employing rapid prototyping, cutting-edge technology, and a hands-on understanding of the RV industry, we deliver solutions that truly drive results.