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Fluid Dispensing for the

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is characterized by its reliance on precision, adherence to standards, and the assurance of safety. Efficient application of chemicals is paramount, both for operational success and environmental stewardship. With Designetics' unrivaled expertise in fluid dispensing, chemical manufacturers can ensure that every drop counts, mitigating risks and elevating production standards.

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Various chemicals inside of glass containers.

Chemical Manufacturing Products

In the heart of every successful chemical application lies equipment that's meticulously crafted, tailored, and engineered for the task. Designetics brings to the table an expansive range of fluid applicators and equipment, honed over three and a half decades, that's primed to cater to the nuanced needs of chemical manufacturers. From coatings and adhesives to lubrication, our solutions ensure precise, waste-minimized applications.

Technician using a fluid applicator.

Custom Fluid Applicators

One size rarely fits all, especially in the world of chemical applications. Recognizing this, Designetics takes pride in offering customizable fluid applicators, tailored to fit the unique requirements of the chemical industry. Be it adhesives, coatings, or lubricants; our custom solutions ensure that you're equipped with the best tools for your specific tasks.

Chemical Fluid Dispensing Product Applications

Every chemical application serves a unique function. Our Designetics products are sculpted to address each application with precision:
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Achieve even and consistent coatings, enhancing product protection and aesthetics, while minimizing wastage.


Ensure a steadfast bond with precise adhesive applications, pivotal in maintaining product quality and longevity.


Optimal lubrication ensures machinery longevity and smooth operations. Our applicators ensure the right amount at the right places.


Cleaning agents, when applied with precision, can optimize maintenance and prolong equipment life, ensuring operational consistency.

Surface Modification

Modify surfaces with pinpoint accuracy, guaranteeing consistent finishes and improved material properties.

Experience the Designetics difference

Navigating the chemical industry requires more than just equipment; it demands expertise, insight, and a proactive approach. At Designetics, we delve deep, analyzing your production lines, objectives, and unique challenges. By pairing our expansive array of proprietary applicators with the capability to craft custom solutions, we ensure your operations are always a step ahead. From ideation to implementation and beyond, our commitment is to your success, underpinned by rigorous testing and unparalleled customer support.