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Fluid Dispensing for the

Automotive Manufacturing Industry

In an era where the automotive manufacturing industry is experiencing significant growth, Designetics stands at the forefront of innovation, offering unparalleled fluid dispensing solutions.

Our equipment and applicators are meticulously engineered to meet the increasing demand, helping manufacturers scale up production efficiently, reduce assembly costs and maintain impeccable quality control.

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Automotive Manufacturing Products

Designetics offers a plethora of products tailored for the automotive manufacturing industry. These products are pivotal in achieving accurate, highly repeatable fluid application to substrates either manually or via robotics, ultimately resulting in improved productivity, reduced scrap and spoilage, increased manufacturing speed and lowered overall assembly costs.

Technician using a fluid applicator.

Custom Fluid Applicators

Our commitment to providing tailored solutions is exemplified through our custom fluid applicators. Designed to meet the unique needs of each manufacturer within the automotive industry, these applicators leverage rapid prototyping and 3D printing, offering a systematic approach to building, adhering, and assembling automotive components effectively.

Automotive Fluid Dispensing Product Applications

Explore the versatility of Designetics’ product applications, each tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of the automotive manufacturing industry. Our range offers pinpoint solutions for a multitude of applications, ensuring precision and reliability every step of the way:
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Glass Substrates

Designetics ensures meticulous adhesive application on glass substrates, crucial for windshields and other components, thereby enhancing vehicle integrity and quality through guaranteed durability and precision.

Plastic Components

Our solutions are pivotal in seamlessly applying fluids on plastic components, enhancing the longevity and reliability of these parts and ensuring compliance with stringent industry standards.

Extrusion Process

Enhance the extrusion process with Designetics’ fluid dispensing equipment. Our innovative tools contribute to automotive manufacturing's efficiency and quality by ensuring accuracy and repeatability in each application.


Enhance vehicle longevity with Designetics' anti-corrosion application solutions. Our products expertly apply protective coatings to vehicle components, shielding them from environmental elements.


Lubrication applications are instrumental in maintaining optimal vehicle performance. By ensuring smooth operation of various components, we aid in reducing wear and significantly extending the vehicle's lifespan.

Sub-Assembly Processes

Streamline sub-assembly processes with our fluid dispensing solutions. Designetics ensures each component is assembled with precision, adhering to quality standards and enhancing the overall efficiency of the production line.

Experience the Designetics difference

Experience the Designetics difference, and discover how our selection of manual and automated fluid application systems for automotive manufacturing can significantly improve your productivity and give you a competitive edge in the thriving automotive industry.