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Fluid Dispensing Solutions for the Defense Industry

The defense manufacturing sector faces a rapidly evolving landscape, with fierce competition and demanding standards. Ensuring precision, cost-efficiency, and impeccable quality is paramount to navigating this challenging terrain. As the global frontrunner in fluid application solutions, Designetics® empowers defense manufacturers with cutting-edge equipment and applicators tailored to meet these exacting demands.

Military equipment being manufactured.

How Precision Fluid Dispensing Systems Increase Quality

Precision fluid dispensing systems play a crucial role in enhancing the quality and lifespan of defense products. By ensuring accurate, consistent application of adhesives, lubricants, and other critical fluids, these systems minimize material waste and reduce the likelihood of manufacturing errors.

This not only improves the structural integrity of defense components but also extends their operational life by preventing issues such as improper bonding or sealant failures. Moreover, precise fluid application helps maintain stringent compliance with defense specifications, enhancing the reliability and safety of the equipment.

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Defense Manufacturing Products

Today's defense landscape requires manufacturers to consistently evolve and adapt. Designetics' comprehensive suite of manual and robotic applications presents an unmatched advantage in this sector. Engineered for precision and repeatability, our fluid dispensing equipment facilitates flawless application of adhesives and other fluids to diverse substrates. Integrating seamlessly into existing workflows, they offer a remarkable edge in reducing costs, minimizing waste, and elevating output quality.

Systems for Defense Fluid Dispensing

Designetics' defense fluid dispensing systems are engineered to deliver exceptional outcomes by ensuring precise fluid application, crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of defense mechanisms. These systems are designed to optimize the assembly process, enhance product performance, and ensure the durability of each component.

Fluid application system and various accessories.


This compact system delivers precise fluid application, ideal for small or intricate defense components, ensuring detailed adherence to specifications with minimal waste.

e3minimax system.


The e3minimax system offers adaptability and precision across a range of viscosities and applications, ensuring consistent fluid application on varied defense materials.

e3multi system.


Capable of handling multiple fluid types with ease, the e3multi system is perfect for defense manufacturing environments where flexibility and precision are critical.

Technician using a fluid applicator.

Custom Fluid Applicators

The unique requirements of defense manufacturing often necessitate tailored solutions. Recognizing this, Designetics harnesses the power of rapid prototyping and 3D printing to craft custom applicators that align perfectly with specific needs. Beyond our bespoke solutions, we also boast a vast range of off-the-shelf fluid dispensing applicators, ensuring defense manufacturers have the tools they need to excel.

Defense Fluid Dispensing Product Applications

Fluid dispensing plays a pivotal role in the defense manufacturing process. For each specialized application, our products provide tailored benefits:
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Glass Substrates

Ensure impeccable bonding and sealing on glass components, a crucial element in many defense instruments. Our equipment ensures precision and consistency, vital for the high-stakes defense sector.

Plastic Components

Plastic components in defense equipment demand accuracy and durability. Designetics’ applicators guarantee flawless adhesive applications, maximizing the lifespan and functionality of these components.


Corrosion can be a silent assailant in defense tools. Our dispensing solutions meticulously apply anti-corrosive agents, safeguarding equipment from environmental adversities and ensuring long-term reliability.


Smooth operation is non-negotiable in defense mechanisms. Our fluid applicators ensure precise lubrication, promoting optimal functionality and minimizing wear and tear.

Sub-Assembly Processes

Every sub-component in defense equipment plays a vital role. Our fluid dispensing solutions ensure each part is meticulously prepped and assembled, contributing to the overarching efficiency and dependability of the final product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your fluid dispensing systems compatible with defense-grade materials and requirements?

Yes, our systems are specifically designed to be compatible with defense-grade materials, meeting the rigorous standards required in the defense industry. We ensure that all materials used in our systems can withstand the specific demands and conditions of defense manufacturing, from extreme temperatures to harsh environments.

Do you provide training for defense personnel on using your dispensing systems?

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive training programs tailored to the unique needs of your team. Our training ensures that your personnel are fully equipped to operate our dispensing systems efficiently and safely, maximizing the performance and longevity of the equipment.

Can your fluid dispensing systems accommodate the demands of high-volume defense production?

Yes, our fluid dispensing systems are designed to handle high-volume production demands without compromising precision or reliability. They are built to maintain consistent performance under continuous use, making them ideal for large-scale defense manufacturing projects.

Are your systems compliant with defense industry standards and regulations?

Yes, our systems meet all applicable defense industry standards and regulations. We regularly update our products and processes to comply with the latest standards, ensuring that we provide not only innovative but also fully compliant fluid dispensing solutions.