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June 8, 2023

Fluid Dispensing System Solutions for Defense Contractors

Fluid dispensing systems aiding in defense vehicle assembly

The defense manufacturing landscape is multifaceted and constantly evolving. As large conglomerates consolidate smaller firms, competition has heightened for businesses serving the defense sector. Working under exacting timelines, these contractors continually seek the most advanced technologies and optimized processes in the pursuit of coveted Department of Defense (DOD) contracts.

Recognizing the stringent and well-documented policies surrounding defense manufacturing, fluid dispensing systems are now playing a crucial role. Leveraging our innovative technology and expertise, we are well-positioned to support manufacturers in their testing and development phases. This article explores the key benefits that defense contractors can derive from collaborating with Designetics in their fluid dispensing system adoption.

Unparalleled Precision and Consistency

A vital benefit of fluid dispensing systems is their ability to deliver high-precision application of materials consistently. Automated systems replace the potential inconsistencies and errors of traditional manual processes, ensuring accurate, repeatable dispensing down to the microliter.

This exactness is imperative in defense manufacturing, where slight variations can have significant performance implications. By deploying Designetics’ advanced dispensing systems, contractors can ensure their products’ consistent quality and reliability, which are fundamental to mission success.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Designetics’ fluid dispensing systems drastically improve operational efficiency and productivity. These automated solutions reduce manual labor requirements, thereby increasing throughput. The systems also offer faster dispensing rates than manual processes, facilitating shorter production cycles.

The time saved on material application lets contractors elevate their production rates without compromising quality, affording them a competitive advantage when responding to urgent defense contracts.

Substantial Cost Savings

With their precise accuracy, fluid dispensing systems significantly curb material waste. Precise control over the volume of adhesive, sealant or other material used minimizes overuse and spillage.

Furthermore, reduced labor requirements lower costs related to wages, training and potential workplace injuries. The combined effect of diminished material waste and labor costs results in notable cost savings—a critical factor in the fiercely competitive defense contracting sphere.

Improved Worker Safety

Manual application of adhesives or other hazardous materials can expose workers to potential health and safety problems. Automated fluid dispensing systems significantly reduce direct human interaction with these substances, thereby decreasing possible risks.

Additionally, automating repetitive tasks lowers the potential for work-related musculoskeletal disorders. By automating these processes, defense contractors can foster a safer work environment, limiting the likelihood of accidents and related costs.

Versatility and Scalability

Designetics’ state-of-the-art fluid dispensing systems offer high levels of customization and scalability. They can manage various fluid types and are configurable to handle a wide assortment of part sizes and shapes. This versatility allows defense contractors to use the same system across multiple projects, delivering an impressive degree of flexibility.

Moreover, these systems can easily scale to accommodate growing production demands, ensuring that as defense contractors expand, their fluid dispensing systems can keep pace, sustaining optimum efficiency and productivity.

How to Maintain a Competitive Edge

Securing DOD contracts requires defense contractors to demonstrate a clear edge over their competitors. Often, this is achieved through automation in production and assembly systems. Ensuring each fraction of profit is maximized could be the deciding factor between securing a rewarding contract or falling short of the rigorous Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC) procurement standards.

The Designetics Difference

As the global leader in fluid application solutions, Designetics is ideally equipped to aid defense contractors in cost reduction, productivity enhancement and quality assurance in assembly. Our suite of manual, semi- and fully automated applications leverage flow control for precise and consistent dispensing of adhesives and other fluids onto substrates.

Both our cutting-edge dispensing equipment and applicators are designed to integrate effortlessly into your current workflow. This reduction in cost and material waste simultaneously escalates your productivity and output quality.

Partnering Early in the Development Phase

“Due to the high level of risk regarding the manufacture of aircraft and defense components, very well documented and stringent policies and procedures have been created for every single nut and bolt,” said Jeff Schnapp, Regional Sales Manager at Designetics. “These drawings and manuals have been written, tested, scrutinized and stamped with layers of approvals all the way from supplier to end user,” he said. “Once proven and set in stone, it’s almost impossible to make any changes and get subsequent approvals up and down the relationship chain. Change is rarely considered a positive development for any part or process once it’s in place.”

Recognizing the complex and rigorous processes in the defense sector, Designetics values early-stage collaboration with defense manufacturers. Our team is equipped to work with you during the development and testing phases, providing meaningful support either in our lab or at your facility. While this engagement might extend before any transaction occurs, we consider this investment vital for ensuring our solutions are embedded in your manuals, procedures and processes.


Designetics’ commitment extends beyond simply providing fluid dispensing systems. Our mission is to become a trusted partner for defense contractors, fostering innovation, improving efficiency and ensuring the highest quality in product development and manufacturing. We’re ready to support your team in the most challenging environments and situations, helping your business realize its potential and meet the stringent demands of the defense sector. With Designetics as your partner, you’re equipped not just to compete, but to lead in this dynamic industry.