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Fluid Dispensing Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

In an industry defined by precision and efficiency, the aerospace sector requires tools that can deliver exceptional performance. With unrivaled expertise in fluid application systems, Designetics offers aerospace manufacturers solutions that elevate assembly efficiency and output to meet the rising global demand for aerospace components.

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Why Precision Fluid Dispensing is Crucial to the Aerospace Industry

In aerospace manufacturing, the margin for error is virtually non-existent. Precision fluid dispensing plays a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and performance of aerospace components. Without it, there’s a significant risk of inadequate bonding, sealing, or coating—leading to potential failures in critical aerospace systems. The right fluid dispensing solutions confirm that materials are applied consistently and accurately, reducing the risk of component failure, improving reliability, and ultimately safeguarding lives.

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Aerospace Manufacturing Products

Designetics has been the trusted partner for aerospace manufacturers for decades, delivering top-notch equipment and systems designed for the precise application of fluids, adhesives and sealants. Whether you’re aiming to enhance manual operations or integrate into robotics, our state-of-the-art dispensing equipment melds seamlessly with your existing processes. The result? Reduced operational costs, minimized waste and amplified productivity.

Systems for Aerospace Fluid Dispensing

Our aerospace fluid dispensing systems are engineered to meet the industry's stringent standards, focusing on precision, efficiency, and reliability. They optimize production processes, reduce material waste, and ensure the high-quality application of fluids, all contributing to enhanced safety and performance of aerospace components.

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The e3mini system is a compact, highly efficient solution for the aerospace industry, designed for precision dispensing in tight spaces. Its advanced control features ensure accurate fluid application, making it ideal for critical components where space and precision are paramount

e3minimax system.


For aerospace manufacturers seeking versatility without sacrificing precision, the e3minimax offers a robust solution. It's capable of handling a wide range of fluid viscosities with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring consistent application across various aerospace materials and parts.

e3multi system.


The e3multi system is the pinnacle of multi-material fluid dispensing for the aerospace industry. It allows for seamless switching between different fluid types, ensuring precise application whether you're working with adhesives, sealants, or lubricants. Its adaptability makes it indispensable for complex aerospace manufacturing processes.

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Custom Fluid Applicators

Every aerospace component is unique, necessitating fluid applicators that can cater to specific industry needs. Designetics rises to the challenge by offering custom applicator solutions, crafted using rapid prototyping and 3D printing, ensuring exacting standards are met. With our tailor-made solutions, aerospace companies can achieve unparalleled fluid application accuracy, leading to optimized product quality and reduced assembly costs.

Aerospace Fluid Dispensing Product Applications

Each aerospace application poses unique challenges. Designetics' custom solutions ensure precision and efficiency for diverse aerospace needs:
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Glass Substrates

For delicate and precise glass substrates, our applicators ensure an even, consistent fluid application, minimizing risks of imperfections or damage.

Plastic Components

With specialized dispensing tips and precision control, our products guarantee a smooth and flawless application on diverse plastic components, ensuring durability and perfection.

Eliminates Buzzing, Squeaking & Rattling

Combat the common challenges of buzzing, squeaking, and rattling with our precise fluid application, enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction.


Protect vital aerospace components from the detrimental effects of corrosion. Our precise applicators ensure an even spread of anti-corrosive agents, extending the life of parts.

Sub-Assembly Processes

Achieve perfection in intricate sub-assembly processes. Our applicators guarantee accurate fluid dispensing, ensuring components fit perfectly every time.


Smooth operations are ensured with our precise lubrication solutions. From moving parts to intricate machinery, maintain optimal functionality with exact fluid applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your fluid dispensing systems compliant with aerospace regulations?

Yes, our fluid dispensing systems undergo a rigorous compliance process to ensure they meet aerospace regulations. We understand the critical nature of these regulations and ensure our systems adhere to the required standards for safety and reliability.

What precision levels can be achieved with your dispensing systems?

Our dispensing systems are designed for high precision, catering to the specific needs of the aerospace industry. We focus on delivering accurate and consistent dispensing to meet the stringent requirements of aerospace manufacturing processes.

Can your systems handle the demands of high-volume aerospace production?

Absolutely. Our systems are engineered to support the demands of high-volume aerospace production. They are built to ensure efficiency, reliability, and durability, even in the most demanding production environments.

Are there specific fluid dispensing solutions for composite materials in aerospace?

Yes, we offer specialized fluid dispensing solutions designed for the unique requirements of composite materials used in aerospace. Our systems are tailored to ensure optimal application and performance with these materials.

Do you offer training for aerospace technicians on using your dispensing systems?

Yes, when a system is developed, we provide extensive training for aerospace technicians on how to use their new system effectively. This ensures the system is integrated correctly into the manufacturing line and is operating at its best.

Can your systems accommodate the diversity of materials used in aerospace manufacturing?

Our systems are designed to accommodate a range of materials used in aerospace manufacturing, focusing on low viscosity materials. This ensures versatility and adaptability to various manufacturing needs and materials.

Are there customization options available to meet specific aerospace requirements?

Yes, through our thorough onboarding and consulting process, we offer customization options for our fluid dispensing solutions. This allows us to tailor multiple solutions based on the specific needs and problems identified by our aerospace clients, ensuring their unique requirements are met.