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Fluid Dispensing for the

Agriculture Manufacturing Industry

Agriculture, an ever-evolving industry, requires robust and efficient vehicles and equipment to withstand intensive year-round tasks. Ensuring these vehicles are equipped with proper glass installation, for instance, guarantees operator safety and comfort. Designetics, utilizing its decades-long expertise in fluid dispensing, offers innovative solutions to address the challenges and demands agriculture manufacturers face today.

Commercial agriculture equipment.
Commercial grade farm tractor.

Agriculture Manufacturing Products

With our forward-looking approach, Designetics has consistently delivered pioneering fluid dispensing systems and equipment to the agriculture sector. In an industry that encounters perpetual shifts in production, health, and safety regulations, our dispensing equipment offers an ideal solution for applications ranging from glass substrates to logo adherence, ensuring quality and efficiency throughout.

Technician using a fluid applicator.

Custom Fluid Applicators

For an industry as specialized as agriculture manufacturing, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t suffice. Recognizing this, Designetics crafts bespoke fluid applicators, whether manual, semi-automated, or fully automated, tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the agricultural sector. These custom solutions ensure optimal production efficiency, elevating product quality and longevity.

Agriculture Fluid Dispensing Product Applications

Each application in the agriculture manufacturing sector comes with its set of challenges. Designetics products are crafted to address these, offering precision solutions for:
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Glass Substrates

Enhance operator safety with our precise applicators, ensuring robust and flawless glass installation in tractors, mowers, and harvesters.

Plastic Components

Our applicators guarantee a seamless application on diverse plastic components, emphasizing durability and perfection in every piece.

Eliminates Buzzing, Squeaking & Rattling

Say goodbye to the annoyances of buzzing, squeaking, and rattling. Our precision fluid application offers a quiet, quality-driven experience.


Shield agricultural equipment from wear and tear. Our applicators provide an even spread of anti-corrosive agents, extending equipment lifespan.

Name / Logo Adherence

Stamp your brand identity with precision. Our applicators ensure that names and logos adhere flawlessly, bolstering brand visibility.

Experience the Designetics difference

At the heart of Designetics lies a deep understanding of the agriculture industry's demands for durability and precision. Our approach isn't just about supplying tools; it's about offering solutions. After a meticulous evaluation of your production line processes and goals, we recommend the optimal fluid dispensing solution. If our vast array of proprietary applicators doesn't align with your needs, we don't hesitate to create custom solutions, leveraging rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Once crafted, we rigorously test each equipment piece, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your operations.