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Fluid Dispensing Solutions for the Marine Industry

In the world of marine manufacturing, precision, durability, and efficiency are paramount. The assembly and finishing of vessels, whether boats, yachts, or jet skis, demand tools that ensure impeccable outcomes while meeting the challenges posed by the aquatic environment. Designetics®' fluid dispensing solutions cater specifically to these industry requisites, optimizing production lines and ensuring marine products are a cut above the rest.

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Marine Manufacturing Products

At the heart of Designetics lies an extensive range of fluid dispensing products crafted for the marine manufacturing sector. These solutions have been honed through meticulous research and industry expertise, ensuring a seamless integration into your assembly line. From ensuring watertight seals to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of vessels, our products promise both speed and precision, leading to unparalleled product quality.

Technician using a fluid applicator.

Custom Fluid Applicators

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by marine manufacturers, Designetics offers the capability to craft custom fluid applicators tailored for specific needs. By aligning with the intricacies of your production process, these bespoke tools elevate efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure consistently high-quality results. It’s not just about fitting into your assembly line—it’s about enhancing it.

Marine Fluid Dispensing Product Applications

Every marine vessel is a symphony of components, each requiring specialized attention. Designetics' product applications cater to these unique needs, ensuring each component not only fulfills its function but excels in it.
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Glass Substrates

With Designetics, achieve flawlessly bonded and sealed windows and portholes. Our fluid dispensing solutions ensure a watertight bond, safeguarding interiors from the rigors of the marine environment.

Plastic Components

Plastic components are pivotal in marine design. Designetics' solutions ensure these components are securely bonded, maintaining their structural and aesthetic integrity against the relentless aquatic challenges.


Saltwater and moisture are ever-looming threats in marine settings. Designetics' fluid applicators dispense anti-corrosion treatments uniformly, offering a protective shield that prolongs the life of marine vessels.

Eliminates Buzzing, Squeaking & Rattling

A tranquil voyage is the hallmark of a well-assembled vessel. With Designetics, rid your marine products of these common nuisances, ensuring a serene journey for all on board.

Foam Padding

Comfort on the seas hinges on quality foam padding. Designetics ensures secure bonding of padding, enhancing both comfort and vessel longevity.

Name/Logo Adherence

Branding is pivotal in marine manufacturing. With Designetics, imprint your vessels with durable and vivid names or logos that resist the test of time and tide, ensuring lasting recognition.

Experience the Designetics difference

The resilience and longevity of marine products hinge on the precision and durability of their assembly. Recognizing this, our approach delves deep into understanding your production line. We take the time to comprehensively evaluate your processes, needs, and objectives. Our commitment doesn't end at offering our vast catalog of applicators. If need be, we sculpt custom solutions using rapid prototyping and 3D printing, ensuring they are tested and perfected for your unique needs.

A Marine Manufacturer's Journey with Designetics

Facing a daunting challenge in their foam board application process, a renowned marine manufacturer was grappling with inefficiency, safety concerns, and uneven product quality. Enter Designetics. Through a meticulous evaluation and innovative approach, we transformed an obsolete piece of equipment into a pivotal part of a revamped fluid application process.

The results? A staggering jump in throughput—from a mere 10-12 sheets per shift to a phenomenal 48 sheets every hour. We not only dramatically enhanced their efficiency but also significantly improved the working conditions for their employees, negating health risks from hazardous fumes. The employees rejoiced at the simplicity and efficacy of the new process, with the manufacturer echoing their sentiment, praising Designetics as their go-to solution provider.