It could mean the difference between the smooth application of viscous material onto a manufactured component or an explosion of liquid cascading over machinery, gumming up sophisticated automation and halting your previously humming assembly line. A millimeter can mean devastation.

That’s why every client engagement begins with a thorough exploratory process. Designed to get to the heart of client requests, as well as chart out any potential pitfalls, this consultation is key to providing flawless application systems and solutions.


Our sales engineers meet with the client to get a deep dive into the request.


The manufacturing process is outlined, and our engineers explore potential Designetics solutions, including applicator designs.


If our current catalog of existing applicators isn't ideal for the identified client problem, proprietary methods and rapid prototyping are used to create specified applicators and/or flow application systems, in order to meet specifications.


To better understand client requirements, testing is conducted in a controlled Designetics environment to evaluate the specifics of materials being applied to actual substrate using manual workers or robotics.


Careful replication of client processes are then employed, to test solutions prior to real-world applications.


Automated or manual application tests and product verification are conducted in a controlled environment at the client's facility, to ensure application matches both our client's and our expectations.

The process is comprehensive and emblematic of the Designetics way: focusing on the right solution, with the utmost quality control. And while the process is exhaustive, it isn’t time-consuming. Our expertise means the steps can be undertaken in a very short amount of time, ensuring you meet your manufacturing obligations quickly and efficiently.


We design a wide range of precision applicators for manual and automated uses—everything from brush and channel applicators, to applicators with flat, wraparound and round heads.

What’s more, we’ve created designs to maximize coverage and flow on all kinds of surfaces and substrates. That means we’ve made applicators using felt, synthetic hair, sponge, foam rubber and goat hair. That’s specific. And those are the lengths we’ll go to in order to create perfect flow. In fact, we’ve made thousands of different types of applicators over the years. All designed with your success in mind.

System Development

While some of our clients request tools for manual applications, others look to our expertise in creating end-to-end, semi or fully automatic systems. So, we’ve created both mobile and stationary dispensing systems, that, coupled with our applicators, provide superior coverage and exact dispensing of various liquids. These systems ensure that each application of material meets your demands, reducing work time and allowing for more flexible manufacturing processes. The systems allow for adjustable flow rates and coverages, and in the case of our mobile system, doesn’t require connection to a stationary pump or compressor. Because it’s a self-contained unit, it affords the user unprecedented flexibility and movement.

Whether you’re looking for manual applicators or a closed-loop end-to-end system, you deserve the insight and expertise of the leading authority. Designetics.