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Little things can make a big difference. That’s a guiding principle behind our work at Designetics, and it’s a guiding principle behind Designetics Cares, our nonprofit charitable foundation. That’s because we believe little things—help when needed, outreach and concern for each other—can lead to big differences in lives, our local community and the world at large.

It’s evident in our mission statement:

Our Target

Our communities and their children.

Our Mission

To make a difference in lives–now and for future generations.

Our Method

Outreach, donations and in-kind services.

Our Mantra

Selfless service and a focus on the little things that make a big difference.

And it’s evident in the works of Designetics Cares. In essence, the foundation strives to transform the lives of Designetics employees and the next generation in our community. We support this endeavor by providing the means to grow through education, success and personal health initiatives.

For example, Designetics Cares has supported housing for those suffering from domestic abuse. Conducted food and clothing drives. Sponsored a range of educational scholarships. Participated in inner-city youth programs. Provided assistance for after-school tutoring and mentorship programs. Funded local giving programs and ad-hoc outreach. And we’re always looking to do more.

That’s why we worked to create a national day to celebrate caring—National Care for Kids Day is observed on September 20th every year across the nation. It offers an opportunity for people to positively impact a child’s life in a variety of ways both large and small.

For example, one person might spend hours reading to and tutoring children in need. And another may provide nutritious food for after-school programs. Or, volunteers donate their services, showing up at moments’ notice. And others look to the future, seeing opportunity to shape young lives by teaching children art and science. Join us in celebrating the lives of children…and help us observe National Care for Kids Day.

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Perhaps the simplest way to celebrate National Care for Kids Day is to donate to the Designetics Cares Foundation, whose good works toward children are a hallmark of its efforts year-round.

To donate, write a check to Designetics Cares Foundation and mail it to:

Designetics Cares Foundation
Attn: Don Welch
1624 S. Eber Road
Holland, OH 43528

Be sure to include your email address in correspondence, so the foundation can provide a receipt for your generosity.


If you’re an organization in need of assistance, or would like to help in our volunteer efforts, reach us at [email protected].