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September 10, 2021

Designetics Rolls Out National Care for Kids Day

Designetics Cares photo collage.

For a number of years, Designetics has focused its charitable efforts on worthy organizations that emphasize helping children. In fact, the company acknowledges that caring for children is the bedrock foundation for building strong communities and society as a whole.

To this end, Designetics spearheaded an effort to create more awareness of the plight of underserved children—and the needs of children as a whole—creating National Care for Kids Day, to be held annually on September 20th.

National Care for Kids Day offers an opportunity for people to positively impact a child’s life in a variety of ways both large and small.

For example, every day in our communities, individuals actively provide educational and emotional care for children. One person might spend hours reading to and tutoring children in need. And another person may provide donations of food for after-school programs. Or, volunteers provide their services. And others look to the future, seeing opportunity to shape young lives by teaching children art and science.

What is National Care for Kids Day?

National Care for Kids Day asks people to step forward—to act on their ideas, donate and share their time, creating more stories of inspiration. It’s a day to contribute to existing programs and volunteer where there is a need, giving children in your community every opportunity to grow and thrive.

Perhaps the simplest way to celebrate National Care for Kids Day involves a monetary donation that can be earmarked for children’s charities. For example, people can write a check to the Designetics Care Foundation, a 501 (c)3 organization. Address the check to Designetics Cares Foundation and mail it to:

Designetics Cares Foundation
Attn: Don Welch
1624 S. Eber Road
Holland, OH 43528

Include an email address in correspondence, so the foundation can provide a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

There are also other ways to celebrate the National Care for Kids day, such as:

• Donating to children’s charities
• Volunteering with a children’s service organization
• Making an in-kind donation. This can be a service, supplies or other needs a charity requires.
• Sharing stories about amazing service organizations, volunteers or children to spread the word.