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August 27, 2018

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fluid Applicator Partner

Need a Fluid Application Partner?

So you’ve found yourself in need of a fluid application partner. Maybe your current process isn’t working quite the way you thought it would. Maybe you’ve grown large enough to automate portions of your manufacturing process and need to engage a fluid application system provider for the first time. Or maybe you’ve created a new product line and need an expert in designing brush or channel applicators.

Whatever the reason, you’re faced with an array of options. But what if you make the wrong choice? It could set back your efforts indefinitely. Never fear. Here’s the three things you need to ask when choosing a fluid application partner:

1. Does the provider have a defined process when taking on new clients?

Some providers have a one-size-fits-all approach to business, pushing products instead of offering solutions to problems. The easiest way to figure that out is by asking to see the provider’s onboarding process.

For example, industry leader Designetics offers a consultative and clearly spelled-out process when taking on new assignments, mapping out the steps it takes to fully understand the client need before even making recommendations. Get more information on Designetics’ process here.

2. Does the provider customize its offerings and products based on the task at hand?

Many providers retrofit their products to the need, forcefitting applicator tips or channel applicators into a client’s process because it’s simply cheaper to use existing products instead of providing new designs. So, look for a provider like Designetics, who can easily create new types of solutions, including everything from hand applications to fully-automated systems.

3. Does the provider hold its own patents?

Perhaps the simplest way to separate the industry leaders from the pretenders is by asking to see a provider’s patents. Patents, after all, showcase the provider’s ability to create and innovate. For example, Designetics is unmatched in the number of patents awarded to its company in the areas of fluid application systems and solutions. After all, as the originator of the industry, it stands to reason that the first of its kind—Designetics—would also be the one with the most patents to its name.

Three simple questions. But they could save you time, money—and headaches.