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October 17, 2022

How to Find the Right Fluid Applicators Manufacturer

Two people testing and discussing a fluid application system.

Finding the right manufacturer of fluid application systems is crucial. Choosing the wrong supplier can lead to problems such as product spoilage, assembly line back-ups, missed deadlines, brand damage and lost revenue. So, keep these points in mind when vetting potential fluid application partners.

One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

A lot of providers of fluid application systems have the misconception that one size fits all, resulting in generic products being offered rather than custom solutions. However, evaluating a supplier’s onboarding process with new partners is an effective way to understand what truly matters to their business.

At Designetics, we recognize that generic products may not always be the optimal solution. That’s why we employ a clearly defined, consultative approach to identify your specific requirements. Whether it involves developing an applicator or system that’s tailor-made to match your environment, location, and process or discovering new approaches to innovation using an existing product, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal is to work with you to create a solution that is a perfect fit for your needs, offering high-quality fluid application systems that maximize efficiency, enhance product quality, and increase productivity.

Ask the Right Fluid Applicator Questions

At Designetics, we don’t simply collect a few details and make a hasty recommendation. Our research and development team conducts an extensive analysis to gather information about your fluid and substrate, current procedures, obstacles, and objectives. We ask pertinent questions and, most importantly, we pay attention to your unique circumstances.

From there, we create a personalized solution that addresses your particular challenges. This could entail an applicator and bottle or a fully automated fluid dispensing system. Even though we have a vast catalog of thousands of fluid applicators, we are always willing to design a brand-new prototype. Customizing applicators and systems is our forte, and it has enabled us to create an extensive product portfolio.

Our fluid application systems are tailor-made to:

  • Maximize efficiency
  • Enhance product quality
  • Increase productivity
  • Exceed expectations

The Value of Custom Solutions

We understand that every problem is unique, and we believe that every solution should be unique too. That’s why we offer a vast range of fluid applicators and a diverse selection of fluid application systems and solutions. To ensure that we provide the best possible solution for each individual situation, we follow a thorough exploration process:

  1. Detailed Deep-Dive: Our team of sales engineers meets with clients to gain a thorough understanding of their needs. Rather than hastily pushing pre-existing solutions or products, we take the time to truly listen to our clients. We pay attention to your unique challenges, requirements, and areas where you believe improvements can be made in your processes.
  2. Conduct Comprehensive Analysis: Our team of skilled engineers will work with you to identify the best possible solution for your business. We will examine all aspects of your manufacturing process to ensure that we provide an efficient, effective, and reliable solution. With our extensive range of fluid applicators and solutions, we are confident that we can develop a custom solution that will enhance your manufacturing process and deliver optimal results.
  3. Develop Custom Solutions: If our current catalog of fluid applicators does not meet your specific needs, we have the capability to create custom fluid applicators and fluid dispensing systems to meet your unique requirements. We use proprietary methods and rapid prototyping to design and develop custom solutions that are tailored to your manufacturing process. This enables us to consistently create out-of-the-box solutions to your specific manufacturing challenges.
  4. Manual and Robotic Testing: In order to better understand your requirements, we conduct testing in our controlled Designetics environment to evaluate the specifics of the material being applied to the actual substrate. These tests are carried out using both manual workers and robotics to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the results.
  5. Iterate and Improve: We take great care to replicate our clients’ manufacturing processes in our testing environment, allowing us to thoroughly test fluid applications before implementing them in real-world situations. By recreating your manufacturing process in our shop, we are able to iterate and improve our fluid application solutions to ensure optimal performance under your specific conditions.

Your Success is Our Success

We developed our rapid prototyping program to move our customers from the idea phase to real-world testing more efficiently. But we never compromise quality for speed. We give every customer and application our full attention, from the initial brainstorm session to in-house applicator testing, so you can rest assured that your final product will be of the highest quality.

Streamlining the initial steps of the prototyping process allows us to put finished parts in your hands quickly.

Once the applicator design and materials are selected, we use cutting-edge 3D printing technology, as necessary, to create a prototype that’s durable and resistant to most chemicals. Then, we assemble the prototype in-house and deliver it to you within days. That allows you to move into production as soon as possible.

Meeting Unusual Fluid Applicator Requests

In the fluid application industry, a good measure is how well a provider adapts to unusual requests. Designetics has helped many manufacturers develop new ways to solve fluid application problems, and we’re still designing and prototyping new possibilities weekly. Our spirit of curiosity and can-do spirit help us see the potential within every problem.

The unusual is our usual. When a customer needed a better way to apply fluid internally to hoses on the assembly line, we developed a compact dispensing machine and applicators to provide an effective solution within a small footprint.

Vertical Integration Matters

We keep our process simple, so you have more time to focus on your business. Vertical integration means we manufacture all our applicators and systems in-house at our Holland, Ohio facility. We design and machine the molds for applicator bases and select the best material for your fluid and substrate. That setup allows us the flexibility to design to your specifications, while providing fast turnaround times for both prototype and production-level volumes.

As an original equipment manufacturer, we rarely need to source new materials for prototypes. Our research and development team uses their expertise in manufacturing and fluid mechanics to create the best possible solutions while exceeding expectations for accuracy, ease of use and quality.

OEMs understand the intricacies of their own components, both their strengths and limitations. We’re better positioned to consult with you and, if a problem arises, troubleshoot more effectively.

A Fluid Applicator Manufacturer with Customized Solutions

Designetics has thousands of applicators, accessories and automation components in our inventory. All have been developed and tested to meet the distinct needs of our customers. Our ability to create and innovate is showcased in the unmatched number of fluid application system patents we’ve been awarded.

We’re ready to partner with you on your next fluid application project. Schedule a consultation or fill out our simple prototype request form to get started.