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December 13, 2022

Ensuring Safety When Automating Manufacturing

Man operating heavy machinery.

Industrial manufacturing plants and production facilities are full of potential safety risks. Plant managers are tasked with reducing those risks wherever possible to ensure safe operation while maintaining uptime.

Fluid application systems are a primary area of focus, since transporting and applying potentially harmful fluids can pose a significant risk to personnel if those systems are not properly designed and operated.

Automation and Safety Go Hand in Hand

Even the most experienced teams can make mistakes. But, by keeping processes as simple as possible, you can minimize the potential for human error. Automation improves safety by removing employees from dangerous or repetitive tasks, while reducing waste and preventing accidents.

Coating or priming the inside or outside of cylindrical parts is a common yet time-consuming manufacturing process. Their unwieldy shape often demands that operators handle the parts directly when applying chemicals and coatings.

To help, we created the Horizontal dp3 automatic flow dispenser. It allows operators to quickly coat parts in a safe, hands-off way. This semi-automated, horizontally oriented device is pneumatically operated, so there’s no flash source. That makes it ideal for applying flammable chemicals.

The operator simply mounts a Designetics applicator to the unit and connects a pressure pot containing the fluid. When the part is pushed onto the applicator, the fixture slides backwards and activates the fluid dispenser. The amount of fluid flow is set using a manual adjustment on the dispenser, while a drip tray positioned under the part catches any waste fluid for proper recycling disposal later.

The ergonomic design of the Horizontal dp3 helps prevent operator fatigue from repetitive motion.

Eliminating Accidents and Reducing Waste

The term “aces in their places” doesn’t apply just to sports. The same goes for the manufacturing floor as well. Although monitoring the fluid level in a bottle is necessary, that non-value-added task often pulls employees away from other skilled work. Since manufacturers of all kinds needed to integrate monitoring capabilities into their operations, Designetics created the Bottle Holder with Level Detection.

The bottle holder provides air-tight delivery of fluids from one-liter or one-gallon bottles to an e3mini or e3multi precision pump panel. It can be equipped with either a level sensor or load cell to automatically monitor the fluid level in the bottle, freeing up the operator for other tasks.

Because the fluid is completely contained as it moves from the bottle to the pump panel, the Bottle Holder with Level Detection prevents accidental spills, flash-off and hardening inside the container. The lack of an open container also means no harmful fumes or ignition concerns. Operators will have more time to focus on value-added work and spend less time filling or replacing fluid bottles.

Innovative Technologies Designed for Your Process

We understand that you and your team may handle chemicals that can be dangerous to humans and the environment. The peristaltic pumping technology behind our fully automated systems ensures the fluid dispensing system is air-tight, from the bottle to the pump, to the end-of-arm tooling and down to the applicator. And because the fluid never encounters mechanical parts, there’s no downtime for maintenance procedures such as cleaning tanks, propellers, gears or diaphragms. That design also makes it easy to flush the tubing for product changeovers and to switch out the tubing if needed.

Save Time & Money with Automated Fluid Application Systems

Designetics has decades of experience developing fully automated fluid application systems that can save you time and money by increasing quality and productivity, reducing waste and improving safety.

Regardless of your fluid or substrate, Designetics can help you transition from semi-automated fluid application to a fully automated system.

For more information on fluid applicators and dispensing systems, reach out to us today. We’re ready to discuss your application and help you find the best solution.