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March 19, 2021

Fluid Application Solutions for Any Manufacturing Challenge

Various fluid applicator tips.

The first challenges that Designetics’ founders tackled were in the automotive industry – providing a safer, more accurate way to apply chemicals to automotive glass for assembly. And with numerous parts and processes that involve fluid application, the automotive industry still presents us with new challenges on regular basis. But in addition to cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles, many of the products that we encounter in everyday life were manufactured or assembled with fluid applicators and systems from Designetics. Here some examples of how we’re helping manufacturers in a variety of industries achieve the highest levels of precision, quality, and reliability in fluid application.

Precision for Electronic Devices

In the electronics industry, adhesives are used in multiple applications involving parts that are just a few millimeters – or smaller – in size, so precise fluid delivery is critical. The assembly of electronic components also relies heavily on automation, requiring high throughput with no defects and minimal downtime. Designetics fully automated fluid application systems, such as the e3mini and e3minimax, solve both problems, easily integrating with advanced robotic systems used in the electronics industry.

Reliability for Aerospace and Medical Components

In the aerospace and medical industries, performance is not just critical to a process or output, but also to the health and safety of workers, operators, or users. Therefore, parts and equipment in these industries must perform flawlessly – often under extreme conditions. That’s why manufacturers in these industries rely on Designetics fluid applicators and automated systems to achieve the highest level of consistency and reliability.

Aesthetics for Apparel and Consumer Products

In the apparel and consumer appliances industries, a product’s success often depends on a combination of aesthetics and performance. After all, durability and style are key factors in a consumer’s purchasing decision. Designetics fluid applicators help manufacturers meet both requirements by accurately delivering fluid in tight spaces or around complex geometries, for a level of fit and finish that differentiates their products from others on the market.

Innovation for Auto Manufacturing

Many of Designetics’ products and systems were developed to meet challenges posed to us by manufacturers in the automotive industry. For example, automotive components that are mechanically attached to one another can squeak or a rattle when the vehicle has been placed in service by the customer. So we developed applicators that can apply a very thin layer, allowing the coating to dry quickly, before the assembly transfers to the next workstation on the production line.

Thousands of Solutions for Dozens of Industries

No matter what industry you’re in and what your goals are – faster throughput, higher precision, better safety, or improved performance – Designetics applicators and automated fluid application systems can meet and exceed your expectations. We’ve developed solutions for thousands of chemicals and substrates in some of the most challenging applications you can imagine. From applying fluid inside a channel to priming a difficult substrate with millimeter accuracy, there’s not much we haven’t done in terms of fluid application. But we’re always up for new challenges. To talk about your fluid application challenge and discuss solutions, give us a call.