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May 24, 2021

Designetics Honored as Industry Leader

Designetics gets honored Top Industrial Adhesives 2021.

Further cementing its reputation as the preeminent provider of fluid applications and systems, Designetics was recently honored as a top Industrial Adhesives Solution Provider for 2021 by Manufacturing Outlook magazine. Annually, the magazine selects ten companies that are “at the forefront of providing industrial adhesives solutions and transforming businesses.”

Designetics has long been acknowledged as creating the fluid applications industry, as, in the 1980s, it worked with automotive manufacturers to create a more efficient way of applying adhesives to assembly line automotive windshields. In creating applicators that performed to exacting measures on a repeatable basis, Designetics spawned a new way of helping a wide variety of manufacturers advance their business interests while allowing for more technical assembly.

Our Fluid Applicators & Process

As part of its offerings, Designetics offers more than 5,000 different types of fluid applicators, and even provides custom-developed applicators, using 3D modeling and rapid prototyping to deliver wholly new types of equipment to manufacturers.

Typically, Designetics process and engineers work with these clients, mapping out assembly processes to determine how Designetics can positively impact workflow. That led Designetics to embrace robotic assembly early on, offering systems and solutions geared toward automated efficiency and precision. This allows manufacturers to exploit precision in task repetition with consistent and uniform results.

In addition, the use of Designetics systems and solutions have allowed manufacturers of all stripes to realize less environmental hazards due to less airborne chemicals and spills, as well as reduced waste, because of spoilage.

Realizing the ample opportunities for fluid applicators in all manufacturing practices, the company plans to broaden its scope and reach into new markets, as well as focusing more resources toward helping manufacturers fulfill automation requirements.