Making sure applications are repeatable, accurate and effective


Ensuring that fluid application is repeatable, accurate and effective in an automated environment requires both precision and advanced technology. To this end, we offer an industry-leading quality inspection kit to complement the automated dispensing performed by our 10023 Series Precision Air Compliance. Utilizing technology from Coherix, the Ce360 provides an advanced visualization solution enabling customers to optimize their primer dispensing process.

The Ce360 offers real-time information on fluid path width, location, and any skips or gaps within the application path. And, because it isn’t affected by ambient lighting changes, it succeeds where traditional 2D camera techniques fail.

The inspection process uses four high-speed laser sensors surrounding the dispensing nozzle to track and inspect the primer in any direction without blind corners. Processing 1,600 samples per second, the Ce360 has the industry-leading acquisition speed, avoiding production slow-downs and boosting productivity. What’s more, the Ce360 offers precision measurements down to 0.35mm and can detect imperfections on any flat or slightly curved substrate up to 600mm/sec.

Features of Designetics Fluid Application System Products - e3mini Pump


  • Floats with the Precision Air Compliance
  • Configurable Data Management
  • Visual Path Display
  • Windows 10 or Ethernet Compatible Device

Options for Designetics Fluid Application System Products - e3mini Pump


  • 1TB SSD Expansion
  • High-Speed Software Upgrade
  • All-in-one HMI computer