Designetics has been the fluid applicating expert for decades. Our expertise is broad with thousands of applicators and accessories. We have the right solution for your applicating process, and if we don’t we’ll make it for you. We want to ensure your fluid applicating process is successful for your products, partners, employees and bottom line. We’ve created thousands of kinds of applicators for our clients to solve any kind of fluid application challenge. Below is a small sampling of a few common types like brush tips, channel, and wraparound applicators.


Ideal for applying material to irregular or hard-to-reach surfaces, our high-quality brush tip applicators can be cut and shaped to your specifications. Composed of various brush materials, these applicators can be used to coat metal, plastic and wood surfaces with ease. Your Designetics representative can recommend the best type of brush tip applicator for your process.


A channel applicator is the preferred choice for evenly coating the interior surfaces of metal, plastic and rubber channels. We provide several channel applicators to fit various shape, size and material requirements. We can even craft a custom applicator to meet your specialized requirements. Your Designetics representative can recommend the best type of channel applicator for your process.


For single-surface applications, the flat applicator dispenses fluid with crisp demarcation and precise repeatability. Flat applicators may be ordered with or without an edge guide to meet a broad range of coating widths and fluid viscosities, while custom applicators are available for specific priming applications. Your Designetics representative can recommend the best flat applicator for your process.


Ideal for single-surface application when no orientation is necessary, the round applicator dispenses a broad range of fluid viscosities with sharp demarcation and precise repeatability. Your Designetics representative can recommend the best round applicator for your process.


For multi-surface applications, the wraparound applicator provides crisp demarcation and precise repeatability. Ideal for coating one or two sides and an edge with a single pass, our standard wraparound applicators dispense a broad range of fluid viscosities. Special wraparound applicators are available to meet specific coating widths. Your Designetics representative can recommend the best wraparound applicator for your process.


We’ve made thousands of fluid applicators. And we want to make one more.

Being THE applicating authority means we can also build fluid applicators from scratch—to your exacting prototype specifications. In fact, prototyping applicators is a specialty area for us. Want to create something new and ideal for your business needs? Call us at 419-866-0700 or simply fill out this handy-dandy prototyping form and a salesperson will reach out quickly to help you grow your business.

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