Does Designetics require a minimum order quantity?

Most applicators are available in quantities of 25, however, bag quantity may vary based on the applicator style and size. Your Designetics representative will verify order minimums for specific applicators and accessories.

Is a minimum dollar amount required for purchase?

Yes, there is a $50.00 minimum spend for an order to be processed.

Is pricing provided per part or per bag?

When your Designetics representative quotes your specific fluid applicator, they will provide a per applicator price and a price for the bag quantity (typically 25).

Does Designetics have an online product catalog?

Because we employ a highly customized product and system development process for each of our clients, we do not utilize an online catalog. Our team works with our clients every step of the way to select or develop the best possible fluid application solution.

Does Designetics stock ready-to-buy applicators?

Because our fluid applicators are crafted from scratch to meet specific client needs, we do not offer commodity-based inventory.

What is Designetics' approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors within its business practices?

We are committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) to assess our business practices and performance on various sustainability and ethical issues. When considering product end of life guidelines to reduce environmental impacts we encourage our consumers to choose environmentally friendly disposal methods.


Do you offer consultation services?

Yes—We provide complimentary on-site assistance to assess our client’s process requirements.

Do you sell fluids or chemicals?

We do not sell fluids or chemicals. We leverage our expertise in fluid application to help you apply these materials in the most efficient and effective way.

What is the viscosity range for your fluid application products?

Our products are designed for low viscosity fluid applications. We most often apply viscosities in the 0-200 centipose range. In certain circumstances, we can help with higher viscosity fluids—up to 500 centipose and higher with pressure pot technologies.

Are your products safe for all fluids?

Our inert fluid applicators, bottles and automated fluid application system components are resistant to the most common chemicals and solvents. Please discuss the specific details of your application with your Designetics representative to assure compatibility and safety.

Do you create prototypes?

We excel at creating prototypes. We understand that manufacturers have very specific needs, and we craft prototype fluid applicators that allow them to test these applicators under real-world conditions. Then, we can tweak to perfect the design before taking it from the prototype to production stage. Fill out our prototype request form to get started!


How do I create an account?

To establish a customer account on, you must complete a credit application including W-9, Reseller’s Certificate (if applicable), Tax Exempt Certificate (if applicable, signed Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and/or Terms & Conditions. A Designetics representative will be available to assist you if you have any questions.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order using our easy online order form or by calling a sales representative at 419-866-0700.

Can I purchase using a credit card?

Yes, you may purchase with a credit card instead of—or before—establishing credit terms.

Do you offer purchasing agreements, discounts or rebates?

We offer 1% discounts on fluid applicators at net 10 days. Discounts are available based on blanket orders and purchase volume. Contact your Designetics representative for additional details.

Will pricing fluctuate?

We work closely with raw material suppliers to ensure prices have little to no fluctuation. Pricing is typically evaluated on an annual basis. We work within each client’s fiscal year to adequately cover all items.

Does Designetics accept returns?

Because fluid applicators are built to order, all sales are final.

Applicators & Accessories

What are your fluid applicators made of?

Our applicators are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

What bottle types do you offer?

We offer high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bottles in four sizes. HDPE bottles are recommended to prevent over-application of low viscosity fluids, while LDPE bottles are used to ergonomically generate better flow when applying higher viscosity fluids.

What is the thread size of Designetics bottles?



How are your precision pump panels controlled?

Designetics precision pump panels are controlled from an HMI touchscreen, digital input, analog input or Ethernet. Visit our products page to learn more about precision pump panels.

How often should I change the tubing on my equipment?

This is dependent on your chemical and process. The wear point of the tubing is where it clamps into the peristaltic pump head. Its effective life is a function of RPMs over time. For example, a high RPM setting running frequently may require the tubing be changed daily. A low RPM setting running very infrequently may mean the tubing will last several days to a week without requiring replacement.

Does your automated system mix two fluids prior to application?

No, our fluid applicators and automated fluid application systems are designed to deliver one fluid to your substrate at a time.

Do you offer a fluid chemical agitation solution?

Yes, our Stir Plate Bottle Holder constantly mixes your chemical at a variable speed while in use.


What is the typical lead time for shipment?

Standard lead times are 3-5 business days for domestic orders and 7-10 business days for international orders (not including transit time). For equipment purchases, the lead time may vary from 2-8 weeks depending on the items ordered.

Does pricing include shipping costs?

Shipping costs are not included in pricing.

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