Does Designetics carry inventory for immediate purchase of each item?

No, all applicators are 100% built to order. 

Is there a minimum order quantity or dollar amount?

Yes, most applicators are sold in quantities of 25, but the specific bag quantity may be more or less depending on the particular style or size. Please consult your Designetics representative to verify the order minimums for specific applicators and accessories. Additionally, there is a $25.00 minimum for orders to be processed.

Do you have a complete online product catalog so I can order the part(s) I need?

Because each process is highly custom, we don’t publish a catalog. In order to avoid confusion and frustration, we’ll work with you each step of the way to ensure the appropriate solution is selected for your specific needs.

Can I buy directly from Designetics? Or, do I need to order from a distributor?

You can always purchase direct from us. Please send orders to, call your Designetics Representative or call direct to Designetics at (419) 866-0700.


I don’t exactly know what I need...or where to start. Do you offer consultation services?

Yes! We provide complimentary on-site assistance and would be glad to assess your process requirements, working with you every step of the way.

Do you sell the chemical we need?

We don’t sell the fluid or chemical itself; our expertise is helping you apply these materials with our precise fluid application solutions. Because of that, we treat every application individually—never force-fitting a one-size-fits-all solution.

What is the viscosity range your products will apply?

Our products are designed for low viscosity fluid applications. Most often, we help apply viscosities in the 0-200 centipoise range. In certain circumstances, we can also help with thicker fluids—up to 500 centipoise, and slightly higher when using pressure pot technologies. Know that we’re always willing to test fluids for alternative applications for product innovation.

Will your materials react to—or be resistant to—my fluid? Should I worry about contamination?

In most cases, our inert applicators, bottles and automated system components are resistant to the most common chemicals and solvents. Please discuss your application’s specifics with your Designetics Representative to assure compatibility.


I want to order less than the minimum bag quantity, so I can test the applicators before submitting full orders. Is this possible?

Of course! We’re happy to offer complimentary samples to test your process.

How many samples can you send me for testing/trials?

Generally, we send three to five samples for testing.


What information is needed in order to establish an account?

A complete credit application, including W-9, Resellers Certificate (if applicable), Tax Exempt Certificate (if applicable), signed Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and/or Terms & Conditions must be completed.

How do I place an order?

Please send your purchase order to

Can I purchase with a credit card?

Yes, you may purchase with a credit card instead of—or before—establishing credit terms.

Are purchasing agreements, discounts or rebates available?

We offer 2% discounts, net 10 days on applicators only. Discounts are also based on blanket orders and volume of purchase. talk with your Designetics Representative for more details.

How long is pricing good for? Will we be notified prior to any changes? How long before?

We work hard with raw material suppliers to ensure that prices have little to no fluctuation. Typically, pricing is evaluated on an annual basis. We work with each customer’s fiscal year to ensure that we cover all items in adequate time.

Does Designetics accept returns? What is the process?

All sales are final, as our process is custom and 100% built to order.


How long does an applicator last until needing replacement?

Applicator longevity varies from process to process and is highly dependent on a multitude of factors including: the applicator style/material; chemical being applied; frequency used; and the substrate to which the chemical is being applied. However, for the vast majority of applications customers typically realize applicator lifespans between two to eight hours.

My application is very unique, and I doubt you have an existing applicator that will fully meet our requirements. Do you make custom applicators?

Yes, this is where Designetics excels. We have rapid prototyping capabilities and are constantly designing new applicators to meet our customers’ specific application requirements.

What is the applicator made of?

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

What is the felt made of?

A blend of natural and synthetic fibers.

What are the most common reasons an applicator needs to be replaced?

Common reasons include wear from use in your process, chemicals drying on the applicator or dirt/contamination.

How do I keep my applicator from drying out?

Using our docking station. Please contact your Designetics Representative to order.

Why are there so many different round applicators, with the same felt type and diameter?

Many dimensional designs are needed for either stability, or to reach into obstructed areas along the substrate’s surface(s), and the differences allow for us to alter the height necessary for the felt to be applied.

Is the pricing provided for each part, or per bag?

When your Designetics representative quotes your specific applicator, he will give you a per-applicator price and a price for the bag quantity for ordering.


What’s the difference in your bottle types, and why do you offer more than one kind?

We offer High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) bottles in four different sizes. The HDPE bottles are recommended to prevent the over-application of low viscosity fluids, and the LDPE bottles are used to ergonomically generate a little more flow when thicker fluids are being applied.

Do you offer anything that will help me pour out of a rectangular 1-gallon can?

Yes!  We offer a vented funnel (Part # 85F) which locks onto the top of the can and keeps the fluid from going anywhere but in the desired container.

What is the thread size of Designetics’ bottles?



How are the precision pump panels controlled?

These are controlled from the HMI touchscreen, digital input, analog input or Ethernet. For more information on precision pump panels, visit our products page

How often should I change out the tubing?

This is dependent on your chemical and process. The wear point of the tubing is where it clamps into the peristaltic pump head. Its effective life is a function of RPMs over time. For example, a high RPM setting, running frequently, may require the tubing be changed daily. A low RPM setting, running very infrequently, may mean the tubing will last several days to a week without requiring replacement.

Will your automation system mix two fluids together just before application?

No. Our applicators and automation systems are designed to deliver one fluid at a time to your substrate.

Do you offer a solution for chemical agitation?

Yes, our Stir Plate constantly mixes your chemical while in use at a variable speed.


What is the lead time?

Standard lead times are three to five business days for domestic orders and seven to ten days for International orders, not including transit time. For equipment purchases, the lead times vary from two to eight weeks depending on items ordered.

Does pricing include shipping costs?

No, shipping costs aren’t included.

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