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February 25, 2019

Where Designetics Leaves its Mark

We left our mark via fluid applications.

When you’re the premier provider of fluid application systems and solutions—as well as fluid applicators, brush applicators, channel applicators and applicator tips—you can be assured that your fluid applicators and systems touch all sorts of manufacturing processes, industries and end products. That’s the case with us. After all, we invented the fluid application industry when we were tasked with a way to create repeatable, even and rapid fluid application for automotive windshields decades ago.

Since that time, we’ve left our mark—literally—on a wide variety of industries, manufacturers and processes. For example, we’ve perfected a number of very specific techniques, impacting a variety of industries and processes. And we’ve left our mark—via fluid applications—on cars, airplanes, toys, sophisticated electronics, boats and other marine vessels, circuitry, medical components, construction, structural glazing, retail packaging and more.

In fact, we daresay that we’ve left our mark on your everyday life…and will continue to explore more ways of leaving our mark today and in the future.