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July 15, 2019

The need for speed: How Designetics can help

Fluid dispensing system working with a glass product.

According to a special report developed by IndustryWeek called “The Future of Manufacturing: 2020 and Beyond,” a large number of manufacturers expect significant growth in the coming years. In fact, nine out of ten manufacturers polled expect revenues to grow and more than half expect their revenues to grow five percent or more per year over a five-year period.

Despite this growth prediction, manufacturers will have to navigate a number of pressing issues. For example, manufacturers surveyed for the report mention market volatility as a major factor in growth uncertainty; they just don’t know where markets are going, to gauge future success. In addition, survey respondents cited material and labor costs and price reduction requirements as major factors impacting future success. And, all respondents think improving performance and production processes are key. In fact, the number one operational challenge cited was improving internal production processes.

Helping Businesses with Their Production Process

And that’s where Designetics shines. As manufacturers look to streamlining production, Designetics’ array of fluid application systems and solutions can assist in cutting production process steps, automating functions or providing manual workers with consistent assembly results.

As a worldwide leader in fluid applications systems and solutions, Designetics creates applicator tips and dispensing equipment to ensure that production processes are efficient as Designetics applicators can quickly and efficiently apply fluid to substrates in an exacting fashion, with the right thickness and dimensions, in a highly repeatable way.