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January 11, 2019

Our Resolutions for 2019

Our resolutions for 2019.

Ah, the new year. It’s a time rife with possibility, when opportunity seems to be around every corner and optimism for a great twelve months abounds. It’s also a time of reflection, looking back at the previous year and taking stock.

For us, the past year has been one of great success, and it has informed our resolutions for the new year.

Our resolutions for 2019 reside in three categories:


We want to continue our streak of envelope-pushing technological and industrial advancement, seeking new ways of applying our skillset in fluid application systems and solutions to the challenges our clients face every day. While we have more than 5000 fluid applicators in our inventory, we plan on exploring new designs to meet client demand and continue to push boundaries. That also applies to meeting our clients’ technological needs. More are making use of robotics and automated assembly and we will continue to seek new ways of integrating fluid application systems and solutions with new and emerging technologies and supply chain requirements.

Client commitment

Dovetailing from our resolution regarding technology, we will continue to work to ensure our clients are at the forefront of their industries. Oftentimes, that means designing new applications solutions, but sometimes, it requires us to tap into our expertise in industrial dispensing equipment—or designing whole new systems. Regardless, we resolve to continue to be valued partners with our clients.


Last year, we focused a great deal of resources—both monetary and in-kind—on helping our communities. That’s the reason we created Designetics Cares, our non-profit foundation geared at providing assistance to those in need. During the course of the last year, our employees donated their time and effort for a variety of worthwhile causes. And this year, we will redouble our efforts—to ensure everyone can benefit from a bright new year.