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September 6, 2018

Keep Quality Top of Mind

Fluid Applicators need quality assurance

Given the mission critical nature of many fluid applications in manufacturing, it’s important that quality assurance be a vital aspect of a fluid application system provider’s services. After all, a faulty brush, channel applicator or a misaligned applicator tip may mean component spoilage, assembly line downtime or equipment damage.

To that end, Designetics focuses a significant amount of its resources and time on ensuring quality assurance is at the forefront of all activities. It features an extensive onboarding process, in which Designetics staff members determine the scope of the project, desired outcomes and the resources necessary for success.

How We Create Quality Solutions

In addition, Designetics has a multi-stage internal quality process, which begins with the creation of rigid specifications for each component, such as applicators or equipment and accessories. These specifications are then used in the manufacture of all Designetics products as a check against hand work done by assembly teams.

Additional checkpoints are built into the assembly process, where employees review the hand-assembled pieces against the printed specifications. Once each assembly project is complete, down-line departments check pieces to ensure the specifications are met.

In-House Campaign Quality Assurance

To ensure quality is top-of-mind with all employees, Designetics has also created an in-house campaign to remind employees of their role in quality assurance. The focus of the campaign—that small details can mean a big difference—helps to instill a sense of pride among workers and create an atmosphere of detail orientation. That, in turn, will undoubtedly impact the way all workers—from assembly line employees to executives—keep their eyes on the prize: namely, quality that exceeds expectations.