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October 2, 2023

How Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems Support Manufacturing

A Designetics e3 series fluid dispensing system integrated into a manufacturer's robotic arm

In an era where manufacturing efficiency is not just an advantage but a requirement, businesses are turning to advanced technologies to stay competitive. One such technology is the automated fluid dispensing system, a key player in modernizing manufacturing processes across various industries.

This blog examines the complexities and capabilities of these systems, highlighting their indispensable role in enhancing productivity, quality, and cost-efficiency. From their workflow integration to error-proofing measures, we’ll walk you through the many ways in which automated fluid dispensing systems, like the e3 series by Designetics, can revolutionize your manufacturing operations.

What is an Automated Fluid Dispensing System?

An automated fluid dispensing system is a sophisticated technology designed to apply liquids such as adhesives, sealants or lubricants in a controlled and precise manner. These systems are part of the broader manufacturing automation landscape, integrating with robotic arms and other automated components to optimize workflow. The transition from rudimentary tools like socks and rags to fully automated systems highlight the evolution in fluid application methods over the past three decades.

Capabilities of Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems

These systems come with a range of capabilities to facilitate workflow, monitor usage, ensure proper fluid dispensing, and integrate error-proofing measures. Let’s examine some of these capabilities and how they fit into manufacturing.

Workflow Integration

Automated fluid dispensing systems like Designetics’ Precision Air Compliance seamlessly integrate with existing manufacturing processes, particularly using robotic end-of-arm tools (EOAT). The Precision Air Compliance, with its specialized features such as a double-acting, non-rotating cylinder and the ability for operators to set exact upward and downward pressures, ensures flawless and consistent applications, facilitating interaction between the robotic arm and the dispensing system. This level of smooth integration is vital for high-throughput manufacturing sectors, including the automotive industry—which holds a leading position in global robot installations.

Control & Monitoring

Control and monitoring are crucial components of these systems, playing an essential role in maintaining operational efficiency. On the Precision Air Compliance, sensors are used to monitor and confirm the successful change of applicators, checking that they are present and correctly oriented. Such real-time monitoring and control capabilities minimize errors and enhance manufacturing efficiency.

Proper Fluid Dispensing

Ensuring accurate dispensing of fluid is of utmost importance. Automated systems often incorporate features such as a “line fill” function. For instance, the e3 series of automated fluid application systems allow the user to specify the pump speed and the amount of time used to fill the line and prime the applicator. These functionalities eliminate inaccuracies and help maintain consistent quality in the manufacturing process.


To minimize errors, the 10500 Series Applicator Track incorporates advanced sensors indicating applicator position and status. These features are integral in maintaining the applicator’s proper orientation and notifying when it’s in low supply, thereby significantly reducing downtime and the likelihood of mistakes. This attentive design leads to tangible benefits, including cost savings and enhanced productivity, by decreasing unnecessary scrap and providing consistent, accurate fluid application.

Manufacturing Benefits of Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems

Automated fluid dispensing systems offer a plethora of benefits that enhance manufacturing processes:

  • Safety: With automated control, the risk of spillage or incorrect application is greatly reduced, contributing to a safer work environment.
  • Quality: Features like proper fluid dispensing and error-proofing ensure a high-quality output, eliminating rework and scrap.
  • Reduced Waste: Automated systems are designed to minimize waste, thereby contributing to sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced waste, minimized errors and less downtime translate to significant cost savings.
  • Eliminates Contamination: Automation minimizes the human interaction required, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Equipment Downtime: Advanced monitoring and control mechanisms work to reduce equipment downtime, enhancing productivity.

Enhance Your Manufacturing Process

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, where quality, speed and efficiency are paramount, integrating automated fluid dispensing systems is more of a necessity than a luxury. The e3 series by Designetics offers a tailored solution to meet those demands.

e3mini: The Compact Powerhouse

The e3mini is a precision, single-pump platform designed for smaller-scale operations or for fulfilling specific fluid application needs. It’s an ideal choice for manufacturers looking to automate their processes without overwhelming their workspace. If you need a compact but potent system, the e3mini is the way to go.

e3minimax: Streamlined and Smart

The e3minimax takes efficient fluid dispensing to the next level by eliminating the need for a separate HMI. Configuration is done through a web-based interface, allowing for remote operation via Ethernet/IP or Modbus/TCP. This makes it possible to tightly coordinate the pump’s operation with other automated systems in your manufacturing line.

e3multi: The Flexible Performer

For manufacturing setups requiring higher degrees of complexity and flexibility, the e3multi stands out. Capable of controlling up to three pumps separately or at the same time, this system offers unparalleled adaptability. Whether your process requires multiple fluid types or simultaneous applications, the e3multi has got you covered.

A Manufacturer Providing Solutions

From automotive to electronics manufacturing, these systems provide the tools you need to stay competitive, improve quality, and realize cost savings. To find out more about how Designetics’ e3 series can elevate your manufacturing process, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you find the best fluid application solution tailored to your needs.