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December 28, 2018

How Designetics Helped Shape Manufacturing

fluid applicators at Designetics

It all started with a simple request. More than thirty years ago, a major glass company came to what would become Designetics with a challenge: Could it prime glass so it could be installed in vehicles with adhesives instead of bulky metal fasteners?

Designetics personnel saw a challenge…but also an opportunity to create a new industry. And so, fluid application, as a science and as an industry, was born out of that simple request. Designetics engineered a way to apply fluid effortlessly, giving assembly lines and workers control over applications and flow rates.

How a Simple Request Snowballed

Designetics personnel even went to various manufacturing plants demonstrating the new applicator technology and its ability to save time in the operational chain. That, in turn, built new requests from manufacturers seeking fluid application solutions.

Best of all, Designetics solutions allowed engineers and designers to develop more aerodynamic components. Mechanically fastening windshields and other such processes were streamlined.

Over time, Designetics expanded, offering new and better fluid application solutions—even developing whole standalone systems, like automated dispensing equipment that regulates the shot size and flow rate of fluid applications. And, over the years, the Designetics catalog grew, and now features thousands of different applicator tips for industries as diverse as automotive manufacturing, aerospace and electronics.

And all from a simple request.