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October 22, 2023

Fluid Dispensing Benefits of 3D Inspection Scanner Equipment

Designetics Ce360® Quality Inspection Path Scanner

In a world that thrives on efficiency and precision, ensuring the quality and safety of fluid applications in products, ranging from apparel to automobiles, is paramount. As manufacturing processes evolve, so do the mechanisms of ensuring quality control. 3D scanning inspection equipment is one such advancement revolutionizing how businesses approach fluid application.

What is 3D Scanning Inspection Equipment?

3D scanning inspection equipment is a sophisticated tool designed to monitor and inspect the fluid application process in real-time using high-speed laser sensors. Unlike traditional camera-based systems, which can be influenced by ambient light and other environmental factors, 3D scanners provide more accurate and consistent results. This innovative technology substantially diminishes application failures and enhances quality control, ensuring that the fluid’s size, location and path are in perfect alignment with the specifications.

3D Scanning Inspection Equipment Benefits

The advantages of 3D scanning inspection equipment are broad, encompassing everything from real-time oversight to cost savings. Here’s a closer look at these benefits:

Flaw Detection

Harnessing the power of advanced 3D technology, the Ce360 scanner offers an unparalleled ability to meticulously scrutinize the fluid application process. This equipment doesn’t just observe; it investigates every detail—analyzing the fluid’s width, its precise location on the substrate, and the trajectory it follows. This thorough examination ensures that any deviations, even the most minute ones, from the predefined parameters are immediately flagged. In doing so, the Ce360 significantly reduces the risk of compromised product quality, ensuring consistent outputs every single time.

Non-Destructive Testing

The genius of the Ce360 scanner lies in its ability to inspect without intrusion. Operating on a completely non-contact basis, this equipment ensures that products undergo a thorough evaluation without compromising their structural integrity. This non-invasive approach not only guarantees accurate data collection but also preserves the aesthetic and functional qualities of the product, ensuring that nothing is lost in the inspection process.

Real-Time Inspection

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing world, time is of the essence. Recognizing this, the Ce360 scanner is engineered to deliver instantaneous feedback. By integrating directly into the production line, it removes the cumbersome steps associated with offline inspections. No more product diversions or additional handling—just seamless, real-time quality checks that not only enhance productivity but also significantly diminish the risks of product damage or mishandling.

Reduced Inspection Costs

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are synonymous with the Ce360 scanner. By revolutionizing the inspection process through automation, it dramatically reduces instances of false rejections and “false failures.” These reductions not only minimize wastage in the form of unnecessary scrap but also translate into tangible cost savings. Over time, the accumulated savings can have a significant positive impact on the bottom line.


The Ce360 is a testament to the wonders of modern automation. It’s not just a scanner—it’s an integrated system. Seamlessly woven into the fabric of the fluid application process, it takes charge from the very beginning. Whether it’s selecting the right applicator, guiding its path, or conducting a rigorous quality inspection, the Ce360 ensures every step is orchestrated with precision. And the real magic? The continuous feedback it provides to the operator, ensuring that the process is not just automated, but also optimized.

Inspection Process Improvements

The value of the Ce360 extends beyond mere detection. It’s an essential tool in the arsenal of operators, aiding them in the crucial task of preventive maintenance. With the ability to set specific thresholds, like the “marginal failure” point, operators are always one step ahead. They receive timely alerts, enabling them to pre-emptively address potential issues with applicators. By facilitating such proactive measures, the Ce360 plays a pivotal role in refining and elevating the entire inspection process.

When Should I Consider Using 3D Scanning Inspection Equipment?

Considering the efficiency and precision of 3D scanning inspection equipment, its inclusion in manufacturing is crucial. Here are situations where it proves invaluable:

  • Complex Geometries and Detailing: If your products have intricate designs or complex geometries, traditional inspection methods might not suffice. 3D scanning offers a high-resolution look into every nook and cranny, ensuring that even the most intricate details are accurately captured.
  • High Volume Production: For manufacturers churning out large quantities, speed without sacrificing quality is crucial. 3D scanning inspection equipment can swiftly process large batches, providing real-time feedback and ensuring consistency across units.
  • Demand for Precision: Industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical devices require pinpoint accuracy. Any deviation can be catastrophic. In such scenarios, the unparalleled precision of 3D scanning equipment is not just a benefit but a requirement.
  • Minimizing Human Error: Relying on manual inspection can introduce inconsistencies due to human error. Automated 3D scanning offers a consistent and objective analysis, ensuring standardized quality checks.

Key Takeaways

  • Precision and Accuracy: 3D scanning inspection equipment provides unparalleled precision, capturing detailed replicas of objects.
  • Efficiency: With the ability to process high volumes quickly, this equipment is a boon for large-scale manufacturers.
  • Consistency: Automated scanning ensures each product undergoes the same rigorous quality check, minimizing discrepancies and ensuring uniform quality.
  • Adaptability: Whether it’s complex geometries or varying production sizes, 3D scanning equipment can handle it all.

The Power of the Ce360® Quality Inspection Path Scanner

Elevate your manufacturing process with the Ce360® Quality Inspection Path Scanner—a fusion of cutting-edge technology and unmatched accuracy. Designed for seamless integration and high-speed operation, this scanner is a testament to Designetics’ commitment to excellence. With its capability to inspect fluid application in any direction at lightning speeds, the Ce360® is the solution to all your quality control challenges. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Experience the future of inspection today. Discover more about the Ce360® and revolutionize your process.