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October 25, 2019

Could They Excel at Sports Without Us?

Woman working on assembling a shoe.

Would countless runners and athletes be able to run their fastest or jump their highest without Designetics? Could an NBA star execute an aerial 360 reverse tomahawk dunk without the premier provider of fluid application systems and solutions? And can marathoners lay down mile after mile of training before breaking the tape at the Boston Marathon without the global leader in applicator design? No. Plain and simple.

Fluid Applicators & Athletic Shoe Manufacturers

That’s because Designetics develops specialized and proprietary fluid applicators for a variety of preeminent athletic shoe manufacturers. The applicators are used in the manufacturing process, and since the shoe companies cater to everyone from casual athletes to world-class superstars of sport, the applicators have to perform at the highest levels.

What’s more, these athletic shoes are coveted by “sneakerheads”—people who collect athletic shoes just for their design aesthetic—so the applicators have to perform to very tight tolerances. After all, a shoe isn’t really all that collectible if there is dripped adhesive visible.

So, add athletic shoes to the long list of products and industries Designetics successfully creates fluid applications for—ranging from electronics and appliances to aerospace, automotive and everything in between.