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November 9, 2023

Automated Adhesive Applications for Appliance Manufacturers

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In the dynamic world of appliance manufacturing, where precision and efficiency intersect, adhesives play an important role. These unsung heroes do more than just bond; they enhance an appliance’s longevity, functionality and elegance. This article explores the significance of adhesives in appliance manufacturing and how Designetics is revolutionizing this domain.

Why Are Adhesives Important in Appliance Manufacturing?

Beyond mere bonding, adhesives add layers of value to appliances. They enrich the appliance, extending its lifespan, boosting its performance, and elevating its aesthetic appeal. Their versatility ensures they meet diverse manufacturing needs, making them essential in crafting top-tier appliances.


From bonding to sealing to insulating, adhesives’ versatility caters to a vast array of needs within the appliance manufacturing sector. Their ability to adapt and excel in different applications makes them a sought-after choice for manufacturers.


Almost every modern appliance benefits from the magic of adhesives. Notable components they touch upon include:

  • DOOR GASKETS: Ensuring leak prevention.
  • INSULATION: Regulating consistent temperatures.
  • STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS: Fortifying appliance durability.
  • HINGES & MOUNTS: Aiding in fluid movement.
  • CONTROL PANELS: Maintaining user interface integrity.
  • INTERNAL WIRING: Safeguarding and organizing wires.
  • VIBRATION DAMPENERS: Delivering noise-free, smooth operations.


Diving deeper into the world of adhesive applications, we find several areas where they truly shine:


Adhesives serve a role far greater than merely binding components. Their significance in energy conservation is often underappreciated. When applied for sealing, they prevent unwanted air leakage, ensuring the internal environment of appliances remains unaltered. Insulating adhesives further protect appliances from external temperature fluctuations, preserving internal temperatures at optimal levels. This dual function not only facilitates better appliance performance but also champions sustainability by reducing energy consumption.


While adhesives are universally recognized for binding, their contribution to structural strength is profound. Serving as the invisible pillars that hold various components together, they ensure the unit remains solid and robust. Whether it’s joining metal components or securing a plastic piece to a metal one, adhesives form bonds that can withstand the everyday wear and tear, pressures and tensions that appliances are exposed to. This foundational strength they offer reinforces the longevity and reliability of the appliance.


Technological components are the heartbeat of modern appliances, and adhesives act as their protective shield. Given the increasing integration of sophisticated electronics in appliances, confirming their stability becomes paramount. Adhesives anchor these crucial components, preventing any shift or dislocation during regular usage. This aids in consistent performance, protects against potential electronic failures and guarantees that the intricate web of circuits and chips remains undisturbed, allowing the appliance to function seamlessly.


Beyond the functional, adhesives also have an aesthetic and brand-centric role. They meticulously hold labels, logos and decals in place, making sure these elements remain prominent and unblemished. This is not just about visual appeal; it’s about ensuring that the brand’s ethos and values and consistently and prominently displayed. By securing these elements, adhesives help enhance the product’s identity, making it instantly recognizable and reinforcing brand loyalty among consumers.


Although adhesives may not always be in plain sight, their contributions are undeniable and far-reaching. Here’s a look at the spectrum of benefits they offer:

  • DURABILITY: Adhesives ensure that appliances aren’t just functional, but also resilient. By forming strong bonds between components, they help products resist wear and tear, extending their lifespan and ensuring customers get value for their money.
  • COST SAVINGS: In the long run, using adhesives can lead to significant reductions in production costs. They can often replace more expensive fastening methods, reduce the need for additional materials, and streamline the manufacturing process, leading to financial efficiencies.
  • AESTHETIC ENHANCEMENT: Beyond their functional roles, adhesives play a part in the overall design and aesthetic of appliances. By allowing for sleeker designs without visible fastenings, they contribute to the creation of modern, polished and visually appealing products.
  • VERSATILITY: The multifunctional nature of adhesives means they can be used in a variety of applications within the manufacturing process. From bonding to sealing, their versatility addresses many manufacturing challenges and needs,
  • EFFICIENCY: In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, time of of the essence. Adhesives can expedite the production process, ensuring that appliances are produced faster without compromising quality.


The adhesive world is as diverse as it is vast, with each variant crafted to serve unique functions and needs. Let’s explore some of the prominent types and their distinct characteristics:

  • EPOXIES: A favorite in the adhesive family, epoxies are renowned for their impressive strength. They form robust bonds, capable of withstanding substantial stress, making them ideal for heavy-duty appliance components.
  • ACRYLICS: When speed is a priority, acrylics take the spotlight. These adhesives are known for their rapid setting times. They bond quickly, reducing waiting times and accelerating the overall production process.
  • POLYURETHANES: The jack-of-all-trades in the adhesive world, polyurethanes are celebrated for their adaptability. They can bond a diverse range of materials, resist various environmental factors, and maintain their integrity across a wide temperature spectrum, making them a versatile choice for appliance manufacturing.


As industries seek greater precision and efficiency, automation emerges as a transformative force in the realm of adhesive applications. This shift is characterized not just by the promise of consistency, but by the sophisticated equipment that brings this vision to life. Among the frontrunners in this automation journey is Designetics, harnessing advanced technology to redefine adhesive application:

  • AUTOMATED DISPENSING: We specialize in integrating our adhesive application technologies with existing robotic systems to enhance precision and efficiency. Transitioning from manual to automated processes, our systems ensure uniform and consistent adhesive application for high-quality production.
  • FLUID MANAGEMENT: Recognizing the importance of the correct adhesive volume, we provide advanced fluid management solutions. Collaborating closely with our clients, we help estimate optimal fluid levels, supporting product integrity while reducing waste.
  • FLUID DISPENSING: The accuracy of adhesive distribution is critical. Our fluid dispensing systems are designed for precise application, delivering the right amount of adhesive consistently, which reduces errors and ensures product quality.


Positioned at the forefront of innovation, Designetics has curated a suite of solutions meticulously designed for the nuanced needs of the appliance manufacturing sector:

  • FLUID DISPENSERS: Ensuring precision isn’t just about the right amount; it’s also about the right placement. Designetics’ fluid dispensers deliver each adhesive drop with remarkable accuracy, guaranteeing that every application is spot-on.
  • CUSTOMIZED APPLICATION SYSTEMS: Recognizing that each manufacturing line is unique, Designetics offers tailored application systems. These systems are designed to meet specific manufacturing demands, ensuring that adhesives are applied in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
  • BRUSH APPLICATORS: Uniformity in adhesive spread is vital not just for product performance but also for aesthetics. Designetics’ brush applicators ensure a consistent adhesive layer, minimizing wastage and maximizing bonding efficiency, leading to products that look as good as they perform.


Adhesives, though often overlooked, are game changers in the appliance manufacturing industry. They streamline processes, enhance product quality, and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the sector.

Looking to revolutionize your appliance production line? Trust in Designetics. With cutting-edge solutions and a proven track record, we offer the best in adhesive application solutions, ensuring quality, durability, and efficiency in every appliance. Experience the Designetics difference today!