We’ve got storage solutions. For your solutions…as in liquids.

We have the plastic bottles, caps and pump heads that are unavailable anywhere else. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can save, store and dispense everything from liquids to gels. They’re perfect for retail, manufacturing, nail salons, dental offices, food service—basically any place where you want to keep liquids for later use.

We have the technical expertise to design an application to fill specific needs, ranging from manual dispensing operations to fully automated liquid dispensing. After all, we work closely with major chemical suppliers to test and understand variations in the chemicals you are applying.

Polypropylene Bottles – 2 oz

Looking for small plastic cylinder bottles? Available in HDPE or LDPE, Designetics manufactures high quality, 100% clean plastic cylinder bottles in Holland, Ohio.

Polypropylene Bottles – 4 oz

Great for hand sanitizer and other gels, Designetics’ 4 oz plastic cylinder bottles are available in HDPE, HDPE fluorinated or LDPE. Made in America in Holland, Ohio.

Polypropylene Bottles – 8 oz

Our 8 oz plastic cylinder bottles are available in LDPE, HDPE and HDPE fluoriated (level 5). A traditional cylinder shape with square shoulders and a flat base this bottle is flexible for many uses.

Polypropylene Bottles – 16 oz

Now available: 16oz HDPE natural plastic cylinder bottles. Made in America with the highest quality HDPE this bottle is a good choice for liquid products across many industries.

Plastic Screw Cap

Fine grip continuous plastic PP screw cap that fits any 24-410 size bottle. Made in USA.

Plastic Disc Top Cap

This easy dispense PP disc top cap fits any 24-410 bottle and works great with our LDPE bottles for squeeze and pour capabilities with personal care products, sanitizers and chemicals.

Liquid Dispenser Pump – 8 oz

Smooth white PP pump will easily dispense liquid from any 24-410 bottle. Made in Ohio for Designetics, these 4.25” dip pumps offer controlled dispensing.

Liquid Dispenser Pump – 16 oz

White polypropylene pumps will easily dispense liquid from any 24-410 bottle. With a 5.75” dip these work best with 16 oz bottles. Made in USA.

Screw On Funnel Cap

Easily fill any 24-410 plastic container with a one-piece funnel cap designed to screw directly onto the bottle. Secure and easy one-handed funnel use.

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