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Fluid Application Systems

Maximize Your Workflow Efficiency and Minimize Downtime With Precise Fluid Dispensing Equipment

Unlock the potential of your production process with Designetics’ expertly engineered fluid application systems. Our patented solutions easily dispense fluids, chemicals, adhesives and lubricants of varying viscosities onto almost any substrate. By seamlessly integrating with your operations, our systems enhance productivity, reduce waste and ensure consistent results, ultimately improving your bottom line.

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Ideal Application Solutions Based on Your Production Needs

Our process-oriented solutions, available in manual, semi-automated and automated options, offer unmatched flexibility and consistent performance that meet your unique requirements. Experience the benefits of tailored fluid application systems that enhance efficiency, streamline processes and optimize your workflow.

Various fluid applicator brush tips.


We offer a comprehensive range of precision applicators designed for manual use across various industries. Our diverse selection includes brushes, channel applicators, and flat, wraparound and round heads. With a focus on maximizing coverage and flow on different substrates, we’ve utilized materials such as felt, synthetic hair, sponge, foam rubber and even goat hair to create thousands of unique applicator types. Our commitment lies in designing applicators that ensure your success.

Technician using a fluid applicator.


Our innovative semi-automated equipment and systems provide precise and efficient fluid application. Implementing a semi-automated fluid application system affords many of the same benefits as a fully-automated system, including higher throughput, improved quality, reduced waste and safety—by design. Plus, our expert team ensures the process of moving from a semi-automated to fully automated process is thorough and seamless.

Fluid dispensing system working with a glass product.


We’ve developed both mobile and stationary industrial liquid dispense systems that, when combined with our fluid applicators, deliver exceptional coverage and accurate dispensing of various liquids. Our automated systems are designed to reduce work time and enable more flexible manufacturing processes. Featuring adjustable flow rates and coverage, these self-contained systems offer unparalleled flexibility and precision.

Explore Fluid Dispensing Equipment

Delve into our cutting-edge range of fluid dispensing equipment, designed to offer precise control and versatile application for a wide array of fluids. The e3minimax®, e3mini®, and e3multi® systems cater to your unique production needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency on your assembly line.

Fluid dispensing system and accessories.


A positive-displacement pump for dispensing a wide range of fluids, allows for precise control of flow rate and adhesives application management.

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e3multi fluid dispensing system.


Built to run multiple applicators from one machine at the same time on the same assembly line, with different flow rates and specifications.

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e3minimax fluid dispensing system.


A positive-displacement pump for dispensing a wide range of fluids, using a web interface and the user’s network to set up and control flow.

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Explore Fluid Dispensing Accessories

Enhance your fluid application process with our versatile range of accessories, crafted to enhance precision and user-friendliness.

ce360 fluid dispensing accessory.


Our Ce360™ compliance path scanner offers real-time information on primer and isopropyl alcohol width and location and detects skips, with no external computer required.

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Fluid dispensing system working with a glass product.

Precision Air Compliance™

Offers precise, constant and regulated upward and downward pressure through applicators throughout the application process on substrates.

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Fluid dispensing bottle holder.

Bottle Holder™

Offers airtight seal for standard bottles or one-gallon containers; options include level detector, low level indicator and stir plate.

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Fluid dispensing accessory applicator track.

Applicator Track™

Allows users to supply a number of applicators to an exact location on substrate, dispensing fluids in repeatable, multiple locations.

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Fluid dispensing accessory handled remote.

Handheld Remote™

Allows users to precisely control the flow of fluids, ensuring a semi-automated and consistent delivery onto substrates.

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Whether you’re looking for manual fluid applicators, semi-automated fluid dispensing solutions or fully-automated systems, trust Designetics—the leading authority committed to unmatched insight and expertise. Let us help you find the ideal solution that meets your requirements and enhances your production process.

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