Marine manufacturers are always seeking new ways to improve the design and production of boats, yachts, jet skis and other watercraft vessels. With technological advancement driving new assembly methods, manufacturers are seeking new ways to reliably automate their production lines.

Designetics helps marine OEMs streamline component assembly and improve throughput. From window glass installation to foam padding adherence, our innovative fluid dispensing equipment and systems are systematically engineered to meet and exceed your exacting standards.

Our Marine Manufacturing Dispensing Equipment & Applicators Are Ideal for:

  • Glass Substrates
  • Plastic Components
  • Eliminating Buzz, Squeak and Rattle
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Foam Padding
  • Name / Logo Adherence


By leveraging decades of fluid dispensing expertise, we’ve designed an extensive range of precision fluid applicators for manual and automated systems. Whether you need to apply chemicals, adhesives or lubricants—we have the technical knowledge to create a production-oriented solution for unmatched flexibility and performance.

Our engineers can craft a customized manual, semi-automated or fully automated fluid dispensing system that increases production efficiency and quality.




The marine industry assembly process demands durability and precision. The Designetics team understands that accuracy, dispensing time and material expertise can determine the success or failure of your marine manufacturing operation.

That’s why we thoroughly evaluate your production line processes, needs and goals before recommending a fluid dispensing solution. If one of our thousands of proprietary applicators isn’t the right fit, we can develop custom fluid applicators using rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Then, we’ll test the equipment at our headquarters to ensure satisfaction.

Discover how our selection of manual, semi- and fully automated fluid dispensing systems and equipment for marine manufacturing can improve your productivity and bottom line.


A major supplier of padded products to the marine industry was struggling with the application of adhesion promoter onto sheets of decorative foam board. Before Designetics provided support, the customer was laying a 4’ x 10’ piece of foam board on a very large table in the middle of their manufacturing workspace.

Two employees (one on each side of the 50” table) were using foam brushes and rags to manually apply an adhesion promoter. Wearing respirators, gloves, sleeves, and aprons, both employees were dipping a foam brush into an open container of solvent-based chemical for application to the board. The noxious fumes could be smelled as soon as you approached the work area.

Each employee took 30 to 45 minutes per board to complete a full coating on their side of the sheet. Despite an uneven and low-quality coating, the customer’s throughput rate was averaging just 10-12 sheets per shift.

During the discovery process, the Designetics team reviewed every aspect of their production process. We visited the supplier’s facility to meet with employees and gather insight and technical knowledge specific to the business. During the visit, we noticed an unused piece of equipment against the wall that already included a wide conveyor. The machine was obsolete and headed for the scrap yard soon.

Instead of scrapping the equipment, Designetics developed a plan to utilize this machine in conjunction with automated fluid delivery equipment that would transfer the adhesion promoter to the 4’ x 10’ foam boards as they passed below on the conveyor. The Designetics fluid delivery system applied an even coat of fluid to the top of the board at a rate of 8 feet per minute, producing 48 sheets of product every hour.

As such, we concurrently helped the customer increase the quality of the product and throughput of the process dramatically. Additionally, we were able to eliminate the safety and environmental concerns that were impacting their employees. The two employees who had been struggling to complete this process manually were very happy with their increase in throughput with less effort, and without wearing all the protective gear that was previously required. The client was very happy that Designetics was their solutions provider for this fluid application process.