Horror Stories: Applicator Applications Gone Bad

In a factory, where the assembly line is humming along—cranking out piece after piece—everything is great until…The Incident. The Incident: when defective applicator tips sprayed black, viscous fluid over finished products, robotics and fixtures. The Incident: in which workers scrambled to stop the line, while dodging the fluid application system spray. The Incident, costing thousands of dollars and days of lost time. All because of poor quality, poor fit, poor design or improper use of fluid applicators.
An incident can cause thousands of dollars and days of lost time

That’s why it’s essential manufacturers in all industries thoroughly check the quality assurance procedures of their fluid application systems vendor. After all, when they choose the vendor, they’re also choosing a partner based on quality, training and support.

For example, Designetics is ISO 2015 certified and has a multi-stage quality process, starting with designing rigid specifications for each applicator component. Designetics maintains tight control of the manufacturing process, and quality is built into the manufacturing and assembly process, where employees check the hand-assembled pieces against printed specifications. After all, the misplacement of a bad or the wrong height of felt in an applicator tip could be the difference between a humming manufacturing process and an applicator horror story for clients.

That attention to detail is also evident in the outsourcing of materials for applicator assembly at Designetics. Since many of its clients require a very specific process, the company is well versed in designing and manufacturing just the right product or process. Additionally, Designetics’ employees pride themselves in partnering with customers to ensure proper set-up and use.

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Whether you’re looking for manual fluid applicators or a closed-loop end-to-end system, you deserve the insight and expertise of the leading authority. Designetics.