Home on the Range

Summertime evokes lots of visuals: pies cooling on a windowsill; the family gathered round the kitchen making side dishes for that backyard barbeque; kids on a school break raiding the fridge before dashing back outdoors to play. And would any of that be possible without Designetics?

It might sound like hyperbole, but Designetics—the worldwide leader in fluid applications systems and solutions—provides applicators and systems to manufacturers of a wide variety of kitchen appliances.

The precise application of fluids, like adhesives, to components and glass substrates in appliances makes it possible for manufacturers to take advantage of more complex designs, as well as automation to bring more appliances to consumers at a lower cost. These lower costs mean more appliances in more homes—and more pies cooling on the windowsill and kids raiding the fridge.



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Whether you’re looking for manual fluid applicators or a closed-loop end-to-end system, you deserve the insight and expertise of the leading authority. Designetics.