Good for the community, good for workers

People choose to work at companies for a variety of reasons: good pay; benefits; personal fulfillment; or maybe a location close to home. But increasingly, employers are finding that prospective employees are discerning with regard to the company’s stance on social responsibility—what the company gives back to the community and the world at large.

A Nielsen study asked employees if corporate social responsibility was important to them; 67 percent of the respondents replied that it was either essential or a strong preference when it comes to choosing the right employer. What’s more, the study found that corporate social responsibility is directly tied to employee morale.

In addition, other studies found that Millennials—the largest population in the US entering the workforce—often want potential companies to match their philosophy about giving back to the community and look to see what kind of donations the company makes before deciding on selecting a company for employment.

Designetics has long understood the need to give back to surrounding areas as a means of fostering goodwill and fulfilling moral obligations. That’s why the company created Designetics Cares, a nonprofit charitable foundation geared toward providing outreach, volunteer efforts and financial assistance to local organizations. The company also encourages employees to donate time for the betterment of all involved.

According to the foundation’s mission statement, there’s a focus on small acts as a catalyst for larger community transformation, So, Designetics Cares focuses on changing the lives of Designetics employees and the next generation in the surrounding community, offering support through outreach and personal health initiatives that don’t necessarily require huge cash or time outlays.

But for Designetics, social responsibility is only part of the equation. The company also focuses attention on moral and ethical responsibility too, outlining in its Statement of Principles a series of points that drive and govern employee interactions with each other and the world at large. As described in the Statement of Principles:


“We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, while respecting the law, protecting the environment, and supporting human rights and the community we work and live.”


In describing that approach, Designetics outlines how respect for the individual and creating a culture of open and honest communications is key and calls attentions to trust and credibility as cornerstones for ethical behavior.

As part of these ethical responsibility efforts, the company communicates its credo in an internal Code of Conduct, which enumerates various employee and management obligations for ethical and honest dealings with each other, clients and the community. That way, employees have a clear understanding of the company’s stand on ethics. Likewise, potential employees know what to expect from a company that is committed to both social and ethical responsibility.

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